Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All we have is today

I have been struggling with winter blues, this is something I never thought I would say because I have always enjoyed winter and it's restful way of keeping us home and blessing us with surprise snow and snow days. I usually love the season of soups, early bedtimes, blankets of snow and wrapping up with extra blankets.
Between sickness and not being able to eat much food for fun due to my gestational diabetes diet, time and time again having to miss out of fun things either because of our sickness or the weather, I just felt really down last weekend. Several things happened that just caused me to start walking by sight rather than faith.
A week ago Monday, I woke up with a terrible head cold and it didn't lighten up all week long. I was miserable! Not only was I sick, Anne was cutting two molars, had croup and ended up with a bad ear infection. She was irritable beyond anything she has ever been and I just kept trying to get through another day of sickness hoping that the next morning I would feel better. After 4 days of having a splitting head ache, I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic for a sinus infection. Sunday, Anne started to feel better and yesterday I started feeling like a normal person again!
Anne is suddenly so, so happy! We didn't realize how miserable she was until now, she is smiling and giggling and being silly and singing little songs to herself.
Joe was home on Friday due to a snow day and today again! It can be a bit frustrating at times when it feel like summer break is that much shorter and farther away, but overall it is a blessing to have him home.
All we have is today!
It is so nice to be feeling better, I am thankful and pray we can stay healthy longer than a couple of weeks! I was going to get the kids outside and take some pictures but it is freezing cold. We ended up staying in and just taking pictures of them doing things they have been doing often during this cold winter.
Bethany keeps reminding me that she will be 10 years old this year and 15 when the baby is 5! Yikes!!
She loves to wear this dress around the house. I tried to do her hair in a Halo Braid. Not to bad for my first attempt but definitely doesn't do her beautiful hair justice, need to work at my braiding skills since she has the perfect hair for it.
Brady loves playing with all his trucks and dirt moving equipment, this is not even all of them. Between his birthday and Christmas he has really loaded up on cars and toys with wheels.
Joseph still likes to dress up like a cowboy and last night he dressed up Brady along with him. I didn't get any pictures of the two of them together but they are the cutest little team of cowboy brothers!
Jenna won't be getting her hair braided anytime soon but her new haircut couldn't be anymore perfect for her. I was a bit sad to see so much of her hair go but that only lasted a few minutes because this haircut becomes her.
 She also wears a dress up dress around the house, more than regular clothes, even sleeps in it some times.
 Anne was watching the snow fall this morning, she says, "P-itty" when she sees snow outside.
There were some geese flying over when I took this picture.
We finished the entire Little House Series and I barely made it through the last few pages of These Happy Golden Years, I kept having to stop because I was crying and then I'd laugh with the kids, laughing at me. The ending pulled at my mother's heart and my pregnancy hormones! So glad we read the books this winter, they are so good!
Anne's crying and supper is waiting but thankful for the time I found to blog today!

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