Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, News

We drug Christmas clear into the new year and just had our last Christmas gathering on Saturday with my side of the family. Flu had ahold of us and for a couple of weeks it felt like we would never be well! Our Christmas break was frustrating and disappointing and a working in my heart that I really didn't enjoy! We had three good days of Christmas break and it all went to pieces after that.
Our entire family got the flu, the REAL one! Did I say it was miserable? We put up a good fight but eventually it got us all and I surrendered the washing, wiping and sanitizing and told the kids to all kiss and get on with it! I will keep this short because honestly I could write out the chaotic timeline of it all but it really isn't necessary. Joe ended up with a sinus infection and Brady had a really hard week of not wanting to eat or drink, he ended up with an ear infection and slight pneumonia.

In retrospect, I am so thankful for the beginning part of December, we were able to make some great memories and do fun things prior to Christmas. We actually were able to enjoy Christmas day at home, there was a lull in the sickness and what a blessing to have Christmas morning to enjoy!
 Jenna got a little kitchen mixer for Christmas and on the box it said it could be used to make real cookies. My favorite thing about Christmas day was making cookies with Jenna and her little mixer.
Brady was feeling pretty tired and out of it that day but everyone else was able to enjoy their gifts, before we all got hit by a train.
I am also thankful that no one else had complications from flu, though it wiped each of us out for over a week. It was difficult, very challenging and so not how any of us planned or wanted to spend our Christmas, but we made it, thank the Lord, and He taught me some things I needed to learn, again.

While we were sick, we felt like doing nothing! It was a great opportunity to read together, in spite of my coughing, reading kept everyone entertained. We finished Little House on The Prairie, Farmer Boy, On the Banks of Plum Creek and By the Shores of Silver Lake. We are currently half way through The Long Winter.
Farmer Boy will make you hungry! We had apple pie because Almonzo loved eating pie and the kids tasted eggnog for the first time because that was also mentioned in the book. There were lots of blizzards in all the books and most of the time we read piled under blankets ourselves because it was so cold in our house from crazy winter weather we've had.

Before we all had flu, Joe decided to shave his beard that he has had for several years and he hasn't completely shaved in probably 18 months. After he shaved I found Jenna in the corner of the stairway, her face toward the wall. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I just didn't want Daddy to shave his face!" and then she got teary eyed. I took her to him and he tried to talk to her and comfort her. She couldn't even look at him, it was so sad. It's grown back now and he's keeping it for sure.
The first sunset of January was beautiful and the only reason I took a picture of it was because Brady shouted for us to come "wook" at it.
We started back to school after a couple extra days delay for extremely cold weather. Joe was off and we all needed the rest so we waited to start back until public school did too.

God is so very kind.

On our first day back to school, before I set my feet on the floor that morning, I poured my heart out to God about this life of mine being His and recognizing that in my own strength it was all bound to end up with me yelling about things not accomplished and rules broken. On my own I lose focus of the eternal, grow distracted by the now and the little things take control of my attitude, they perdict how I measure my success at the end of the day and they grow in importance, bigger than they are or ever should be.

This life of ours is crazy blessed, it's crazy busy, my house is a crazy mess and I know I have never had such a disorganized home. I recognize that life is not about being organized and family is not about maintaining what I am able to handle on my own. I love a clean house and I enjoy organization, it makes me happy, but sometimes I love that too much. I love that to the point of missing the importance of speaking to my kids in kindness, seeing the progress they are making, praising them for when they do something right, taking time to listen instead of lecture and working to build them up rather than tear my own house down.

This life is about surrender
and obedience
and letting go of all the things that make me a crazy mommy.

It's about trusting God to give me what I need, one. day. at. a time.

That first day back to school, I told God I need Him, I want Him more than ever to come into my dailiness and lead me, help me, guide me. I knew He was listening, He always is. He comforts me and calms me and gently accepts me just the way I am. His love is personal and I am so thankful that I can rest knowing He cares about me and for me.
Without Him this would all be for nothing, without Him all I do is for nothing.

I am so far from all He wants me to be, yet He can never love me more than He does right now. This is a lesson I have been learning for years and I am so thankful. I am never enough but God is my enough.

That day God really encouraged my heart and opened my eyes to see progress in my children and fruit in their school work and it was such a day of thankfulness to Him for all that He does in our lives, for being faithful to my sometimes not so faithful work. I am so grateful for all that He does in my heart, although I am such a unwilling servant at times.

God cares for each of us and longs to come into our ordinary days and be a part of our dailiness, to live in us. I encourage you to take Him at His word and give Him your never-will-be-enough and let Him be your enough. He is real, He really loves you, He absolutely cares about what you're going through. He has the answers, He just waits for us to ask. He is always waiting.

2014 has brought with it lots of new exciting things...
Anne can wear her hair in pigtails now.

Jenna donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. Her new haircut is super cute!

And our family is growing, the Lord has blessed us with our sixth child. It's incredible that we are going to have six children, we are all excited. We told the kids on New Year's Eve by having them open a gift. The box was filled with baby items and they figured it out pretty quickly. They were shocked and squealing with excitement. It blessed me that they so willing accept and eagerly want another sibling. Hopefully, I can put a separate post together about this little baby and my thoughts, maybe.

A few funny things Brady and Jenna have said lately...
Brady often tells, Jenna especially, "Stop aggra-tating me!" He puts aggravate and irritate together.

I was talking to Joe and said something about the OB and the kids asked what that meant. Joe said it's for a baby doctor and Jenna said, "I didn't know babies could be doctors!"

Brady often will ask me, with a big grin on his face, "Is there a baby in your tummy?" One time I told him, "Yes." and he yelled, "WHAT!!? How did it get in there? Did da doctor take your arm off and put it in your belly or sump-tin?"


Anonymous said...

Um YAY! What a blessing! Excited for you all! Glad to hear you are all over the flu too. We had it here too :(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a blessing! Six beautiful children!! How fun!! :) Looking forward to more updates....hope you are feeling well. -Andrea :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO!!!!! Congrats on your newest blessing! I read your blog regularly, and you and I had our 5th babies around the same time. I was JUST wondering if you would be blessed again soon, since we found out I am expecting our 6th as well! I'm only about 7 weeks along, and we haven't told ANYone else - I'm just about to burst if I don't share the news! When is your due date? :) Congratulations again!!

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS to you!! How awesome! I would love to read your blog if you have one or feel free to shoot me an email sometime! My due date is at the beginning of August, exciting stuff!

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you Andrea! It is great to hear from you, how is your family?! I would love to see some pictures and hear an update!

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you so much!!

Miranda said...

I just read your newest post and when I read "gestational diabetes diet" I thought I may have missed something and I surely did! Congratulations, what wonderful news! I enjoy reading your posts and know that you will do wonderfully with the addition of #6!