Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February fun

Our February started with a day of warmer weather, the first day above the 30's or 40's in weeks. It wasn't sunny and it was windy but the thermometer said it was 60, so we went out for a few hours.
Bethany and Joseph tried flying a kite and weren't very successful, but they had fun and got lots of exercise. The two of them are a really great team and almost always play well together. I loved watching them work together to try to get the kite up and even repair it when it kept tearing up. Their friendship is very sweet.
They ran across the back yard every which of way, Bethany said her legs were sore the next day.
Joseph rode his bike and Jenna was at my mom's playing with a cousin.
BradyBoy loved getting to dig in the mud and get dirt on his hands, it was so exciting for him. The bath he required at the end was well worth all the fun he had.
His pants were on backwards, Sunday I dropped him off in nursery and took his coat off and his shirt was on backwards.
I am in love with this 3 year old boy, he can be so rough and ornery, stubborn and rebellious but also so very sweet and loving.
He gives me kisses all the time and tells me he loves me. He also loves to help anytime I can find a chore that he can help me with. He tells me often, "Mommy, I'm a good boy!"
As you will see, I am a bit obsessed with his smiling face, his rosey cheeks and his eye lashes. He cuteness is all I can take!
We have had so much snow this winter, alot of snow compared to our normal winter! Joe is off today for a second snow day this week. Yesterday Joe and the kids went sledding and built snowmen with friends all morning. In the afternoon, they went out a second time and by evening the three oldest were ready to go sledding again with their cousins, and they made more snowmen!
They were all in bed before 8, on the ride home Jenna asked if Joe could go ahead and pray with them so she could go straight to bed once we got home!

Today, Joseph wanted to make a snow fort so he and Joe worked on one in the back yard. My husband is an awesome daddy, we are so blessed by his love for us.
 Joseph was committed and worked hard, right along with Joe.
They thought they were finished when I took this picture but before long, Joe decided to add another row.
50 buckets total!
While they worked on the snow fort, Brady was running his dump truck, he got for Christmas, all over the back yard.
He went all the way to the back of the property, when I asked him why he went that far, he said, "I just went for a drive!"
The girls and Brady had to wear socks on their hands because we left their gloves at my mom's.
The girls had an ice cream stand and Bethany ate more ice and snow that I can understand!
A few funny things that Jenna has said lately-
She was talking to Siri on my sisters phone and said, "We are going to my Aunt Carrie's house, Siri. You do not know her so I guess you can't come." To which Siri replied, "Okay, I do not know your aunt but you can look her up in your contacts."  Jenna exclaimed, "I don't even wear contacts!!"
My sister had been sick and I was asking her if she got her prescription and she said something like, "No, I haven't been able to get my drugs." Jenna was listening and yelled, "Those are illegal!!"

Joe was telling the girls that Jenna's hair will turn brown like Bethany's and she won't be a blonde anymore. Later, I told him she is always going to be a blonde! I mean that in the most endearing way, she absolutely cracks us up! I love, love, love her cute, funny self.

No pictures of Anne, she was napping during all these picture taking opportunities. She is growing quickly right now and saying so many words each day.
Brady likes to pretend with her and when they play together he calls her GeeGee, to which she answers and replies to as if he is calling her Anne.
The other day, he called to her from upstairs. "GeeGee?"
"Ut?", Anne hollered back, meaning "What?"
He said, "Come on!"
"Comin'", she replied and then added, "In-it." meaning, "In a minute."

There is so much going on and changing in our family that it is hard for me to get it all on camera or in words, but I am thankful for the time I can find to capture little bits of it. Earlier this week I sat down and briefly looked back over a few post from years past and it was such a flashback but also a great reminder that each day holds so much and tomorrow things change. Eager to keep enjoying these days with my family and trying to savor the moments.
Savor the moments friends!

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