Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow week of thankfulness

A few pictures from my iPhone today and a few quick thoughts about this week. Today is the third snow day of the week and from the looks of it tomorrow and Friday are doubtful for school too. Our subdivision roads are still iced over, after another round of freezing rain for hours last night.
I took AnneGirl outside for the first time during this round of snow. She was so excited and loved it!
 In the snow fort with Joe.
This week has brought about so many things for us to be thankful~

Friends and family to hangout with and to play in the snow.
Snow to go sledding and protection while doing so.
Our electricity has stayed on.
Our heating and air unit hasn't broken down, miraculous really! This morning, Joe discovered the outside unit was frozen. We feared the motor may have burned up because it was trying to turn the fan but ice was completely blocking it from budging. We poured pan after pan of hot water over it until the ice was melted off the motor and fan blades and thank the Lord it is running again!
I am thankful that God is working in us...

Our van has been running poorly for over a year and we kept having to repair small things on it. Especially in the past few months we knew that it was getting close to needing replaced and my dad has worked on it numerous nights and weekends to keep it running much longer than we expected. Ultimately, God has kept it running!
A week ago Sunday, it overheated on the way to church and since then it has needed a major repair among all kind of other things not even worth fixing. So for that first week, we prayed over it every time we drove some place and had to drive with lots of mercy, pulling over to let it cool down, turning the heat off at times and on at times to help adjust the temperature. All this cold weather has actually been a blessing for us to keep driving our van, warmer weather would have made it impossible to drive. It is comical, I said I feel like I am driving a jet plane because of all the adjustments and watching gauges.
We have been looking for a larger van, since we will need one in August anyway, but so far nothing has come along in our price range. We are believing that God is going to provide for us in a way that we will not have to go into debt and not only provide a van but also a second vehicle. We have been a single car family for over 9 years and it has been something that is normal and we're all used to. Now that we are looking to get a much larger van, Joe will need something smaller to drive to work.
The weather this week has also been a help in that Joe hasn't had to go to work and we have been able to keep our van parked. My parents have also lent us their van too help us along as they can.
During all this we have talked to the kids about believing God to meet our needs and trusting Him rather then worrying. Joe and I have seen God repeatedly, faithfully supply our great big and our little needs. We shared with them stories of times God has provided and supplied when we had nothing or not enough. God has always taken care of us!
The scripture in their Sunday school this past week was, Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being certain of what we do not see."  Joseph said when we were leaving church that is was like the scripture posted in our kitchen, 2 Corinthians 5:7 "We walk by faith and not by sight." He quoted the scripture and then added, "You know, like how we don't have a van but God will give us one." It is neat to see God teaching the kids to trust Him and not just us telling them. It blessed me to know that what we have been talking about at home was talked about in church, God is so awesome to do that!
The following night, after a very long day at my parents house of the kids playing outside and running in and out and crying, tired toddlers, I was exhausted. It was a great day but I hadn't felt well all day from pregnancy yuckiness and had a headache. As we were leaving I got stuck in their driveway and ended up off the road. After several failed attempts to get out of the ditch, I was irritated and just wanted to be home already! My frustration was obvious and after letting out a long sigh and half whine Bethany said, from the back, "It's gonna be okay, Mommy. God's gonna take care of us." Wow, it hit me right in the stomach, in the very best way. My heart melted because she was right and I am so thankful she spoke truth to me during that time.
Life isn't always easy or understandable but God has a plan and a purpose for the times we go through. Sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture of all that He wants to accomplish but I am so thankful that one of the things that is coming out of this time of not knowing and trusting is that the kids are growing in their faith. So many things we can tell our kids, just like our parents told us, but only for themselves can they choose to believe and only by God's gracious, loving ways can they learn for themselves.
The Lord is good! I rejoice in all that He has done for us and all that He will do. He is such a loving father, a great provider!
Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible, there is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. God's power begins where man's power ends. ~ George Mueller.


SailorMoon said...

I so admire you and your family and your faithfulness. I somehow stumbled across your blog when you had the mono and Jenna was just a baby. Brady wasn't even born yet!! I love reading and have kept it with you through the years. You are so blessed to have the husband and parents and family that you do. I'm the single mom in Texas with 2 in college and one in 6th grade at home. I too have had my share of problems and always try to look at the positive and how blessed I am to have what I have, but you motivate me even more. Congrats on your pregnancy!! Looking forward to reading more!! ;) Have a blessed day.

Angela said...

God is such an awesome God and I have no doubt He is going to come through once again for you guys just as He has for us too so many times! He is so faithful to take care of His children just as you take such good care of your own children! Awesome to hear our children reflect those spiritual lessons we've ingrained in them.

Miranda Rose said...

Sailor, I always love your comments! Thanks for the encouraging words, I am inspired by you as well. I love hearing from you and I'm so glad you have kept up with us! Very humbling!

Miranda Rose said...

Thanks Ange!