Thursday, February 27, 2014

What it's really like getting a picture of five children

It's been awhile, I don't attempt a picture of all five of them often. It's just not that easy. I have better luck when I don't stress out about them matching or smiling or looking! If I really made them fix their hair and change their clothes or wear a bow in their hair or shoes on their feet, it simply wouldn't work.
And truth be told, there was alot of this! Jenna is my overly-zealous-photogenic one. Her mouth or arms are always doing something unnatural!
This also happened, and this my friends happens everyday!
So, yeah. I'm pretty happy with these pictures! I look at these cuties all day everyday and these pictures still just shocked me! My kids are growing, all of them! I'd like to say the kids have come a long way, but I think it's me that's attitude has changed the most. 
Want proof?  

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Eleana said...

I love all the pictures and the ones that don't "turn out" are often the most hilarious ones when you look back at it later. Love all the pictures of your beautiful family, it has been amazing watching them grow and all the experiences you've shared along the way.