Friday, February 28, 2014

Wrapping up February and ready for March

{Cramming pictures and what's been on my mind into this post because it's long overdue! If you don't have time to read it all right now, maybe you can come back later for the reading.}
Our AnneGirl is still so little and yet growing and changing everyday. She is one happy cookie, easy to please and impossible not to love. Every morning she she greets everyone she meets with a big, loud, "Mornin'!" Joseph went out with his mamaw the other night and when he came back she greeted him excitedly and questioned him, "Fun?", saying, "Did you have fun?"
Bethany recently knitted this cowl. It was her first time knitting in the round and she completed it in about 3 days. She never ceases to amaze me! After taking her picture I can't believe how much she is growing and changing. I simple love her.
JennaBug, is so sweet and silly. Her carefree spirit is the most innocent and refreshing thing in this house. I am so excited about what God is going to do through her. Her heart is really genuine!
Joe had Joseph watch Pistol Pete, suddenly this boy is bouncing a basketball in the house and I'm not real excited about it. It's cute for about 3 seconds and then I make him stop! Another child that is growing and changing, I know we all say it but time goes so fast!
One picture of Brady. He had better things to do than sit in front of my camera and I wasn't going to make him. He is my helper, always looking to help me. I think he is getting an inch taller every week. The way he talks completely melts me. He is always the happiest person in the house, always smiling. A smile never leaves his face!
We now have a van, or a bus rather! Brady is convinced it is in fact a bus. The first time he climbed in it he was yelling, "Yay! We got a bus! I like riding in a school bus!" The following day I told him we were leaving to go somewhere and he asked, "In our new bus?!" "It's a van, Brady." "NO, it's a bus!", he insisted.
Our van came with lots of prayer and trusting that God would provide and lead us to the van He wanted us to have and also with alot of work and love from my daddy.
From the get-go, my dad spent hours and hours online looking at vans for sale. I spent time looking as well but he knows all things vehicles and is a great resource when shopping for any car, truck or van. We eventually found a van on ebay, we bought our last van on ebay.
This van was in California, it had a salvage title and had been repaired. The seller was a dealer and said it shouldn't have been salvaged but it was lumped in with a bunch of other vehicles at a sale and all were given salvage titles. The van only had 12,000 miles and looked to be a really nice van.
I researched all that we would need to do if we bought a salvage titled van from out of state and found out it required lots of paper work, notarized, from the seller and the person who repaired the vehicle. We were going to have to get a rebuilt title and it would be up to our state, based on the paper work, if they would register the van. We would even have to drive to our state capital to get the paperwork finalized to save weeks of waiting! My dad called the seller days before we bid and he seemed willing to do the paperwork, if we in fact won the bid for the van.
The bidding ended on the Friday night and we bought the van! Even to have it shipped from California it was still going to be a really good deal. The seller sent us an invoice and we told him we would be over nighting him the paper work we would need to get a title for the van. We did send him the paperwork and never heard back from him. During this time we were praying that if it wasn't supposed to happen that God would close the door. It's like He never opened it!
The following Friday, a week after we won the bid, we started looking online at vans again. On Saturday, early afternoon, my mom called and said she and my dad had driven an hour away looking at vans. My dad was tired of sitting at the computer shopping for vans and had several within driving distance that he decided to go see.
A few hours later, they had driven another 90 miles, to another state. There was two vans at two car lots and they were looking at each. The first van was a 2009, gray Ford. The dealer wasn't interested in them even looking at it because a country music group had called and said they were coming to look at it. My parents left that lot and went to drive a 2011 white Ford. While they were doing that, the first car lot called them and said they were willing to let them take the 2009 for a test drive.
After driving the 2009 my dad offered them $2,000 less then their asking price. They came down $400. The newer van at the other lot was $2,000 more then the 2009 but they called and said they would come down $2,000! This made the 2011 only $300 more than the 2009, and the newer van had 20,000 less miles on it! My dad told the dealer that he was going to buy the 201, as he was walking out they agreed to give him the van for what he originally offered them. Daddy had liked the 2009 best all along!
We completely trust my dad's judgement when it comes to buying cars, {well, anything for that matter!} his opinion is the only one that matters. We were absolutely thrilled and blown away that he went to all this trouble to pick out our van for us! That night, he drove it home on icy roads. Over two hours to get home he drove our van and Mom drove their car. My parents are so, so amazing!

The first time or two driving it, it did feel like a bus, very intimidating! I'm getting used to it though and can now drive without telling the kids to be silent, it is really nice!

Last week was insanely packed full of random things going wrong, went something like this-
Joe got rear-ended in my parents van on Monday.
Tuesday I felt rotten, emotionally!
Wednesday morning, I had a mega melt down over my blood sugar not being within range at the first check of the day! I had started medicine and it didn't seem to be helping. I started a digestive enzyme, I tried snacking before bedtime, I rubbed on oils and still too high in the morning! I was full of fear that insulin would be in my near future! It was a rough day, I was an emotional mess!
That evening we were leaving for church. The kids had unknowingly shut the van door on the garage door opener release string that hangs down. This had never been an issue but now we have a tall van in the garage. So, when we backed the van up the release string pulled and tore the string off, but it also pulled the door down and the van hit the garage door!
After fooling with the door for almost an hour and it nearly falling down, we got the van out of the garage. It didn't do major damage to either the door or the van thankfully, but it was a stressful mess and I ended up in tears, yet again!  My brother ended up coming over and fixing most of it and my dad came over to help too!
Thursday I tried to pull myself together, get perspective and get my eyes back on Jesus!
Friday I had the opportunity to make money doing a focus group study an hour away. I drove my parents van and was there from 7:15 in the morning to 6:15 that night. I decided to run to the mall real quick since I was so close to pick up a pair of maternity jeans that I can't get in my town. Thankfully, that was successful but when I came out of the mall the van wouldn't start. I thought it was a weird thing of it not recognizing my key. Called my parents, read the manual and nothing worked. So, my parents drove an hour to bring a second key, that wasn't the problem. My thought it was the battery but it ended up being the starter. At this point, I could only shake my head and once again believe that there was a reason for this craziness! I ended up riding home with my parents and my dad went back the next day, put a starter on it and drove it home. I am completely overwhelmed at all that he did to us just last week alone!
So thankful that week is behind us and for God faithfully protecting us from anything worse happening!

A few links I'm sharing...
  • After listening to the story of Adoniram Judson, I ordered The Golden Shore and can't wait to read it. You can listen to the last 6 minutes of this sermon to hear the story of Adoniram and Ann Judson. Start at 38:38.
  • I also bought Fit to Burst, Rachel's first book Loving the Younger Years is a must for every momma with little ones. Excited to read her newest book, it came highly recommended by a friend.
  • After the week I had of wrestling with taking my eyes of Jesus and choosing to worry about having to go on insulin in the future, rather than trusting God with my today, this post, Handling the "What Ifs"  was a great read.
    Elisabeth Elliot wrote,
    Worry is refusing the given.  Today’s care, not tomorrow’s, is the responsibility given to us, apportioned in the wisdom of God.  Often we neglect the thing assigned for the moment because we are preoccupied with something that is not our business just now.  How easy it is to give only half our attention to someone who needs us – friend, husband, or little child – because the other half is focused on a future worry.
Tomorrow is the first day of March, who isn't excited about bidding February goodbye?! I'm ready for spring and the weekend!

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