Monday, March 17, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dates and more

This morning I heard bath water running as I was down stairs getting breakfast, Bethany had the urge to give Anne a bath. She dressed her in this cute dress and headband. Anne was so cute I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her.
I am so thankful for my new camera and only regret not using it more. My iPhone has been a huge blessing but I wish I didn't go for it as often as I do over my Canon. Going to try to do use it more.

It was another snow day for us today, crazy weather was 65 on Saturday and we got an inch of snow and terrible driving conditions last night. The girls were thrilled to be wearing flip flops and sandals on Saturday, Sunday morning I told them they wouldn't be able to wear them to church and they were confused.
Friday night, Joe took Bethany and Jenna to Daddy Date Night at our church. It was such a precious time for them and our girls loved their time with him.
They went out to eat and Joe asked them conversation starting questions.
Friday was a busy day running errands, for the kids and I. Jenna was exhausted, by late afternoon, she asked to take a nap on the couch and did, despite being so excited and counting down the hours to their date all day long! Joe said she was really quiet and slow moving at the restaurant but after she drank her chocolate milk, she started getting bouncy and giggly.
As he asked them the questions, the girls laughed and giggled and Jenna bounced in her seat.
I had him repeat the questions and their answers because they were so neat and I want to remember them.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Bethany: A nurse
Jenna: A ballerina dancer or a dance teacher or an artist. "A dance teacher because that seems like that will be easy."
Who is your best friend?
Bethany: Selah
Jenna: Riley
What has been the happiest day of your life?
*Bethany: Her 8 year old surprise party
*Jenna: The time Mamma and Papaw took the three oldest to Holiday world
What is your favorite thing to do with dad?
Both: Shopping! Better with Daddy because Mommy is like, "Com'on lets get this over with!"
If you had 3 wishes what would they be? (You can't wish for money or another wish!)
Bethany: A dog, to live in the country and to grow up faster or have her own room.
Jenna: Eat more candy, see Riley more and a make up set
What is the best thing about being ___ years old?
Bethany: Having more responsibilities.
Jenna: She has smaller math books and doesn't have to do as much school work as Bethany and Joseph.
If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?
Bethany: To not have to buckle
Jenna: More CANDY! or to be able to walk around in the van while we're driving.
Who is one person you couldn't live without?
Bethany: Mommy and Daddy
Jenna: Anne and Sissy
If we, as a family, could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you want to go?
Bethany: France, because she just likes the French people! Or Miami
Jenna: "Gaplinburb"
Describe your perfect day.
Bethany and Jenna: Shopping all day long!
Text from Joe while they were out to eat.
After dinner, they went to church and made ice cream Sundays. There were 30 toppings and Bethany got 29, all but jelly beans and Jenna got 29 too, all but caramel. These intense faces sum it up!
They had some fun dancing with their friends and Joe. While Joe wrote prayers for them, they wrote him notes telling him thanks for the night. They had their picture made together, the girls made picture frames and Joe gave them each a rose. So very special and sweet!
The girls came in like butterflies, floating on twenty-nine different kinds of sugar and daddy love. It was such a blessing to us all and we just love our church family for putting this event on and serving in this way. I am so thankful for this amazing memory they were able to make with Joe.

*At the end of the night Bethany said, "This was the happiest day of my life!" and Jenna agreed.

Lately happenings...
~Jenna catching snowflakes on her tongue last night.
~Brady and Anne playing in the sunshine.
~My belly growing, we find out on April 1st. April Fool's Day, I hope that doesn't mean anything?!
~Taking the monkeys to Target, that picture sums up my life right now and I love it!
~Finding Mrs. Meyer's dish soap on clearance, made me happy.
~Brady saying, "Mommy! Take our picture!"
~Going to the library.
~Morning snuggles with two toddlers settling to share my lap, happens every morning and I love it!
~Brady and Anne being cute at Taco Bell.
~Took a short road trip to eat a special meal for my dad's birthday.
~More Brady snuggles, he is such a lover right now.
~Cuddling with Anne at bedtime because she napped too long and wasn't ready for sleep again.

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I know you are so busy, but I love when you find time to blog. Your stories always bring a smile to my face! Love you and your family! Thanks for sharing! - Erin