Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello Spring

 Yesterday was the first day of spring! The sun shone bright and the kids went crazy in the back yard.
 The main competition in our house right now, who's the tallest. Joseph and Bethany are actually the same exact height, so it's who is going to grow the faster, or stretch the highest for pictures.
Jenna is so light she can hang for a long time off the monkey bars, and giggle the entire time!
 A dog from the neighborhood came over and the kids loved playing fetch with him.
 The dirt is where the magic is for Brady and I can't bear to stop him. I have never seen a boy have so much love for dirt. Running it through his fingers, breathing it into his lungs, digging, piling, stirring it up and around, he loves it.
 These two pictures sum up his rambunctious spirit. I so enjoy watching him get out his energy and at the same time recharging. Freedom from the house to the outdoors never looked so real.
The bath last night was so needed and I was happy to do it.
It's supposed to pass 70 today, {Hallelujah!} I've already encouraged them to get their school work finished early so they can go out this afternoon. We thought this weather was never coming back, the grass is already greening up a little.

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