Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anne Charlotte~Two years old

Time does not stand still, even the minutes I hold my breath keep right on ticking.
Breathe deeply sweet momma's. These long nights, these exhausting, selfless days that leave us weary are really a whole lot more precious than we realize, it's not as much hard work as you might think when you keep your eyes on all the priceless gifts we get to encounter every. single. day. Motherhood, not martyrdom, it's a ministry that is a blessed calling.
It's been two years of trying to soak in this sweet girl of ours. How can it be two years since she was our Little Monkey, the little one we waited to meet? The one the doctor held up and told me to look and as I moved the umbilical cord, I said, "It's a girl!" You can reminisce with me all about it here and here.
Some say, time is our enemy but truly time is our friend, it is our gift from God. I am so thankful for Anne Charlotte and how God chose her for us. She is so sweet, she is a kindred spirit, so mild and tender.
Today we will eat cake, give lots of kisses and sing "Happy Birthday to You" over and over again. It's such a special day to celebrate who God has given to us. This is only the beginning and I'm so excited to continue growing with her.
Anne's favorite thing to play right now is with her baby doll. She loves babies and even asks to see her baby cousin on my Instagram feed all the time. I am amazed at how she knows to rock, pat and shush a baby. Playing mommy fits her loving heart perfectly.
So much growing and changing in one year. Some of my favorite things she does right now:
She gives me tight hugs around my leg when I'm standing at the stove cooking or talking to a friend.
I love the way she talks, her little voice fluctuates at the cutest know the tone that makes one word ask a question.
I adore the chub on her arms and the crease at her wrist.
I cherish that just last night when she wanted something at the table she said, "Pass. Pass." and pointed to whatever it was she was wanting more to eat.
It's cute the way she waits at the top of the stairs for Joseph to give her a piggy back ride down and calls it going "boom-boom."
If she is needing unbuckled in the van or out of her highchair she knows that Joseph is her man. If she ask he will be right there to help her. The two of them share a special bond, they are most certainly kindred spirits.
Bethany, she's the big sister that likes to mother and Anne trusts her. Anne will comply with Bethany wanting to put her to bed or give her a bath most of the time.
Jenna is silly and compassionate to Anne, she loves to sit next to her in the van.
Brady and Anne are complete and total friends for life. Brady will ask Anne to come play trucks with him and they'll rush up the steps to go play. Anne has started to see herself as his equal and talks to him in scolding ways or worries about him.
{Of course, all the kids have conflict and there are moments all. day. everyday. where I have to step in to settle the situation.}
Anne is a daddy's girl, absolutely wants him first thing in the morning. Joe recently herniated 2 disc in his back and can't pick her up. He has not been acting like he playful self and it's been apparent that Anne notices. She climbs up in his lap and sits with him and then will give him kisses out of the blue.
I crumble at the way she exclaims, "Mornin'!" to each of us she meets each morning.
Monkey is still her only stuffed animal, she will be excited about a new one from time to time, but it always comes back to monkey and only monkey. She sleeps with him and asks for him when I lay her in the crib. He's her only treasured possession and I love that! The more worn he gets, the more we love him.
It's going to be a big year for our littlest, she's going to be a big sister and I'm guessing that she's going to be completely okay with having a baby of her very own. I am excited to see her with her little sister and pray they will be very special friends.
My heart could burst with gratitude for the joy of being her mommy. Each of my kids amaze this heart of mine, that it can love and live so endlessly.

Excuse me, as I continue to go hog wild posting pictures. This is how I have learned to cope with the fact that my little people grow so fast, it's my attempt to bottle up time.

Happy 2nd Birthday Anne Charlotte! You are loved!

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Wanting What I Have said...

Beautiful baby girl!!! I cannot believe she is already TWO YEARS OLD!!! I remember when you announced you were expecting her!!!