Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday cake, yard selling and 4H

It's tradition to make your own birthday cake in our family, or at least help. Anne had fun doing that today.
While Anne and I were in the kitchen getting started on her cake, Joe asked if one of the kids wanted to come pray with him about something that was on his heart at the moment and Anne immediately did this.
I've said it over and over, she's the sweetest!
I debated whether or not to go yard selling this morning because I have been so far behind on my sleep lately. I am so thankful I went. I hadn't bought Anne anything for her birthday yet, because I've been busy and couldn't think of anything she really needed. I am in the process of detoxing our house of stuff, who wants to go buy  more stuff?
The one thing I was thinking I would get her was a pair of sunglasses because lately every time we go somewhere in the evening the sun is in her eyes. I found a brand new pair of sunglasses at a yard sale for $2!
Nike shoes for $2 which she needed.
Lift a flap book set $1, she loves books like that.
Toy wind up music clock $3 that I had to have for myself really.
Dress up dress $1, something I knew she would enjoy.
Swing $2, our current one, the buckles were broken.
All of these things made me so happy to find and buy and give to her. The kids each had something to give her, which they loved!
The weather has been absolutely beautiful today, the windows were up all day! We had cake and ice cream on the deck and the kids played outside.
It was a busier day than I would have liked, yard selling, giving the boys haircuts, laundry, ironing clothes for tomorrow and baths for all the kids. The couch all day would have been perfect! It felt good to enjoy the evening with Anne and keep it low key.
Things have been super hectic around our house the past couple of weeks. We found out last weekend, after failed visits to a chiropractor, a visit to the doctor and much prescribed meds, a trip to ER and an MRI, that Joe has 2 herniated disc in his back. Between him being in excruciating pain, strong medicine and getting lots of rest, I've been doing most of everything with and for everyone. I'm tired and my patience has not been plentiful, I am in need of so much grace. The grace that causes me to run to Jesus, ask forgiveness and be overwhelmed by strength that only comes from relying on Him.
Much good has come from this time and we are trusting God to continue to heal Joe's back. He has started some light PT and we are hoping to avoid surgery. This kind of hardship is never easy but the Lord is so good to take care of and provide for us.
Friday night, Bethany completed her first year of 4H sewing with a Fashion Review, complete with an interview and a runway walk. She sewed several small projects but her main one was these pj pants. My mom has helped so much with getting her to class and working with her on this project.
As Bethany was standing up front receiving her award, Anne ran up to be with her. The fact that Anne went to her and that Bethany embraced her were both so sweet.
The dress up dress I bought for Anne at a yard sale today had a hole in a seam when I took it out of the washer. Bethany offered to stitch it up by hand and I, of course, allowed her, she did a great job! Love how much she enjoys learning to see.

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