Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So much to blog, so little time

Where have I been for the past 3 weeks?
First, we enjoyed spring break, which absolutely means we went to Bernheim Forest two days!
The first day we went completely unprepared for getting in the creek. Joseph promised to only get his feet wet, never believe a boy when he tells you that!
We spent some serious energy and late nights cheering on UK to the NCAA Championship game. We are proud of all they accomplished this year!
Carpel tunnel reared it's evilness for the 5th straight pregnancy. I was beyond miserable, no way I was typing a blog post then, but I'm thankful to say that I went to my chiropractor this time and within 24 hours it was almost completely better. It is there only to the point that I know I need to be cautious about how I strain my hands and arms, but I'm not wearing a brace anymore and most importantly not in agony! To say I'm excited about this new found treatment is an understatement.
Joe and I were able to getaway for 3 nights and almost 4 days the first weekend of spring break. It was awesome ya'll! We went to Nashville, TN and attended A Weekend to Remember.
We attended A Weekend to Remember 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Jenna, it was something God used not only in our marriage to bring us closer together but also in our lives to show us how the church we were in at that time was not preaching God's Word as truth. We didn't even realize it completely at the time, but now looking back we can see how God had us there for something much greater. We attended the conference in March and by October, we had been through a whirlwind in relation to our church and coming to the place of realizing we had to find more sound teaching elsewhere.
We have so little time away that I was kinda worried spending that much of our time away at a marriage conference was going to leave us feeling like we rushed through our time together and like we didn't get to just relax with each other. I am so thankful it didn't feel that way at all, being away from our kids and their needs was so good, the conference was encouraging and challenging and I can definitely say we had fun.
For us it was a much needed time to do some self evaluation and really listen to each other. We identified ways we can handle conflict better, I think after having conflict over the same issues year after year, it starts to feel like "I have said all I can say, I've heard your side a million times, we've tried and this conflict keeps happening...we are never going to work this out!" So then it's easier to stop talking or attempting to work it out.
The thing that I am most thankful God did in my heart through the conference, was it gave me time to focus on Joe. I was able to enjoy being with him but through the content we covered and time we had to talk, I realized how much I take him for granted and how overwhelmingly blessed I am to be married to him. I would have totally said I felt this way before the weekend but after the weekend I was overwhelmed with love for this man God has given me. We've been married 10 and a half years and he has honored me and worked so incredibly hard to be there for me time and time again when I was/am sick and tired. We've been through many hard times of me being exhausted, whether from pregnancy, thyroid disease, mono or just life with 5 kids, and he is the one that held me and us together. He has worked to be more than I ever thought fair and continues to do more than I ever expected my husband to do. I know he loves me with all that he is because he puts me first, whether it's mopping the kitchen floor, catching up on the laundry or giving up his own need for rest when he walks in the door from work. He's not perfect and neither am I, we can easily see our struggles over the years to be selfless and our struggle to maintain oneness but I can also easily see his steadfast love for me.
At the end of the conference we had the opportunity to renew our vows and I was overwhelmed by the words we spoke. I definitely meant every word of them on our wedding day over 10 years ago and I believed Joe meant them when he said them to me. This time, I was so humbled as Joe said them to me because now I know what those promises are like to walk out on a daily basis, we have been tested and I am so honored to be married to this committed man who is wild about me. He is mine and I am his and we are for each other, even when it feels like we are fighting against each other.
Go to a Weekend to Remember, no matter where you are in your relationship it will meet you where you are and you will be better for having gone!
 In just 10 days, our AnneGirl turns 2! She is talking more and more everyday, has learned the tone of voice to scold Brady when she thinks he's doing something wrong. She calls him "Bay-dee". Her hair doesn't look like it in the pictures above but it's getting longer and curlier. Bethany likes to dress her up and Anne is totally good with that.
We've had a preschool Easter egg hunt at church, enjoyed warmer weather and then ate chili when it turned cold again this week.
 We celebrated Bethany's 4th spiritual birthday and Joseph's 3rd spiritual birthday, we always get a special desert to remember the day they gave their hearts to Christ.
Anne had strep and I had a head cold. Bethany passed our church Bible drill but our schedule has overflowed with family being in from out of the country and soccer starting up so she wasn't able to make the association or the state drill, proud of her, she memorized a bunch of scriptures! Got to hear my favorite women's speaker, Angie Smith, I even met her in the hallway before hand and she was just so nice!
We found our what this little baby #6 is but I am gonna wait and talk about that in my next post!

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