Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book I'm reading, birthday party and other bits of life

It's naptime at our house, the three youngest are sleeping and it's quiet as Bethany and Joseph are reading. I've been washing bedding, cleaning house and bathing kids all morning, so I felt like now was a good time to sit and blog a few thoughts.
Yesterday morning at 5AM, Jenna woke up with a stomach bug. She was pretty miserable all day but has been able to keep some simple drink and food down since last night. I quarantined her to the Pack n Play, yesterday she could've cared less since she was so sick. Today she is feeling better but still sick and I really am trying to keep her away for everyone else, the Pack n Play allows her to be with us all but not contaminating everything.
After a bath this morning and putting clean blankets in her bed, I stuck her at the open front door. It's a rainy, cool day, the air has been blowing in and it feels really nice. She has enjoyed the change of scenery and listening to the birds sing.

The longer I use doTERRA essential oils the more I love them. I've been spraying On Guard essential oil all through the house, we've all been taking it under our tongue and I've been rubbing in on Brady and Anne's feet. I'm using On Guard Cleaner in the washing machine, the dishwasher, to clean my kitchen and my bathrooms. It smells so much better than Lysol and it's healthier, plus I really believe it's effective. If we all end up sick I'll be sure to say so, right now I'm cleaning and praying, makes for a good combination!
Over the past few months I've been thinking about my attitude to toward all the work that I have to do each and every day. I know that I grumble and complain about all the things I have to get done {or don't get done} but more so, all the things I have to do over and over daily. With 7 people in this house, for everything I accomplish a list of things goes unaccomplished or gets undone while I'm working in one area. If supper is being fixed, the little kids are trashing something somewhere.
At lunch, as I was taking a few pictures of Jenna in the Pack n Play, I returned to the kitchen, after hearing Brady exclaim, "ANNNE CHARWOTTE!!!" to find her dumping her entire bowl of soup out.
Just this morning, I was trying to get blankets and bedding washed. I was cleaning the girls room as Joseph was building a fort in his room, which meant, all clean blankets were being contaminated with unwashed blankets. This life can be really frustrating and leave me feeling like I will never accomplish anything! Especially lately, now that I'm a tired six month pregnant momma and Joe has been down with his back, it's been difficult to see progress or recognize what we did accomplish in a day.

This area is something I have been wanting to intentionally work on having a better attitude toward, accepting the work and not grumbling and complaining or snapping at the kids when at the end of everyday there are things left undone. How to I accept the messes, the jobs piled under, the million things undone month after month, the same disorganized closet and cabinet and garage that I just don't have the time to address or the energy to attack? These are the battles that wage against my joy and if you are a mom, you know what I'm talking about.

In God's perfect timing, I am reading Fit to Burst by Rachel Jankovic. I read her first book Loving the Toddler Years, over a year ago, which I also grew alot from reading. I wish I could give a copy of both books to all my friends. They are the smallest, easy to read books but their substance is so rich. They leave me wanting to digest their content slowly, to have it sink deep.
Here are a few things that I've underlined in the book, but there are so many pages covered in underlines.
Pg. 24 So imitate Christ in your giving. Do it daily, do it in the as many little ways you possibly can. Find a way to imitate Him in the folding of the laundry, in the stocking of the fridge, in the picking up of other people's socks. And then decide consciously that you are giving this meal, this clean room, this cheerful Christmas-that you are giving it all freely. And much later, maybe thirty years later, you would like to see your children turn a profit on it. You would like to see your kids taking what they were freely given and turning it into still more free giving. This is because God's story is never little. He works in generations, in lifetimes, and He wants us to do the same.
Can I just be honest? Stocking the fridge is usually when I'm grumbling and irritable. I'm tired from having been to the grocery with 5 kids and I'm rushing everyone giving out commands faster than I can say.
Random socks on the floor annoy me to no end! This is so what I need to recognize, I'm NOT doing this for my children but for Christ, to imitate Him and His work in me. My daily work is His work!
Pg. 35 ...our opportunities to bless our children are often most present when we least feel like it. This is why was cannot depend on our emotions to dictate our actions. 
We need to discipline our own emotions to fall in line with obedience. We are to love our children. We are to bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. That means all the time.
Pg.38 As we give, we ask God to require. As we bestow, we increase their responsibility. It is not an easy way for us, or for them. When we faithfully strive to enrich the lives of our children in constant, daily sacrifice, we are asking God to ask more and more of them. This is our hope-that they will in turn give more to their children, that God will require far more of our children and grandchildren than we could ever have given.
 I'm still digging into this book but it's so good, you must read it!

Every year on Jenna's birthday since Anne was born I have to get a picture of the two of them together. Anne was like Jenna's 4th birthday present since their birthday's are close and Jenna wanted a little sister so badly.
 Jenna requested a birthday party this year, we don't have birthday parties for the kids every year and she hadn't had one since her third birthday. This year, she wanted to have a princes dress up party.
She was most excited about going shopping for and giving out party bags to all her cousin friends! I mean, she was excited about picking out what went in them and handing them out, we didn't even wait until the end of the party for her to give them out because she could. not. wait. She also wanted to have a one legged hopping race, so very Jenna! She had a great time!
For the past couple of months, Brady has been completely entertained by pen or crayons and paper. He loves to draw and make cards for people all day long. He's constantly on the lookout for a cool pen and leaves scraps of paper throughout the entire house.
 A few pictures of the two biggest busy bodies, partners in crime for sure! Brady talks to Anne all the time, tells her pretend stories and she is listens to him. They pretend play often throughout the day and it's funny to listen to them. He does most of the talking and directing and she follows along. They are cute together!
Life has been overloaded the past month... there is not time for me to explain how absolutely tired this crazy season has left me. It's caused me to examine my heart in a more sincere way, caused me to run to Jesus to be filled and once again surrender my life to His plans, not my own.
Obviously, it's never a good time to have the stomach bug in the house. This week, Bethany was supposed to have her end of the year testing. I just canceled it, wasn't worth dragging us all out early in the morning and risking her getting sick or getting other people's kids sick. I decided to give up soccer practice and Mom's Night Out I planned to go to, it just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes it's easier to just go with where life has you instead of fight it. I think Bethany can work out doing her testing next week, so that ended up making me happy. At this point, I'm just resting in wherever God has us each day this week, but praying no one else gets sick!!
Hope you are having a healthy week!

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