Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cleaning with Lime Essential Oil

We have an over the stove microwave. When we moved into our house 4 years ago we bought it new. For some time, it's bothered me how a gunky film has formed over the outside of the microwave. This brown, gooey residue has been taunting me, I tried hot soapy water, Windex and 409. I had quite a bit of success using doTERRA's On Guard Concentrated Cleaner on it but it took alot of elbow grease and it still was there. This picture was after I had already used On Guard Cleaner and it was much better than before.
I read online the Lime essential oil is very powerful to clean grease on ovens, so I thought I'd try it on my microwave.
It worked! Super easy, just a few drops of Lime on a paper towel and it took it right off! Having a shining, smooth microwave makes me happy, cleaning with a natural oil is pretty amazing. I hope to post more often the little ways I'm using doTERRA. I never imagined I'd be using essential oils and definitely not for more than treating allergies.


Kate Bristow said...

It looks almost like a magic! My microwave will thank you after I try that on it!

Muriel said...

Thank you so much!! My microwave is in desperate need of cleaning and I didn't know what to use.