Thursday, May 22, 2014


It's turning to summer!

We found a turtle passing through our back yard last week! It was 9.5 x 7.5 inches, we spent most of the afternoon researching what kind of turtle we'd found. We settled on an Eastern River Cooter. {How fun is that to say?!}
It's a bit mysterious how it ended up in our subdivision, too far from water to be searching for a place to lay eggs. Perhaps some one brought it home from a pond and released it in their backyard. We kept it about 6 hours and then dropped it off at a small pond about 15 minutes from our house.
The kids loved having it around, it hung out in our living room for some time. They were happy to see it practically jump into it's new home when we released him. After learning what it needed, we couldn't bear to turn him free from the back yard.
Brady is 100% against wearing any short sleeve shirt or shorts, this also applies to pj's. He is crusading to keep his sweaters, hoodies and all winter clothes in his wardrobe. Any day we are leaving the house, it's a fight to get him in weather appropriate clothes, many tears have been shed over this! It would help if I packed up all his winter clothes and only left summer but I'm having difficulties making time for that!
We've been spending alot of time outside each day. I've had a bit more energy this week and it feels awesome! Every day for a week, I've kept up with laundry, cooked supper, gave the kids baths and just been able to keep up around the house, such a big deal, that hasn't been happening routinely for some time.

Today we spent some time in the shade painting. The kids made messes and got paint all over them, thankfully it's washable!

Anne's favorite thing was taking the tempur paint in and out of it's package, kinda like a puzzle. Painting outside today reminded me of this day, almost 6 years ago, crazy!!

Bethany started reading Alice in Wonderland. Once she gets started on a book, we don't see much of her face or hear much out of her until she finishes it.
Bethany says she wants to be a fashion designer and yesterday she and Jenna came down stairs modeling these vintage sheet dresses she constructed using only safety pins.
Bethany asked me to take pictures, she was trying to be very dramatic in her posing. Jenna was just being, well, fabulous Jenna!
Joseph's been spending a significant amount of his time working on erector set models.

School is coming to an end for us, Bethany was able to complete her testing this week.

I am, hang on, let me Google it... {I'm completely serious!} 28 weeks along with Laynee. She is kicking and moving all the time, which is awesome!!

Joe had a follow up appointment with the surgeon, regarding his back injury, on Tuesday. We rescheduled it because his back has improved but disappointingly it's not near 100% like we thought it would be by now. He is still taking it easy and very easily can do something to put him in worse pain again. It's been frustrating for all of us, especially him of course. I keep reminding him it just takes time but 5 weeks, seems about time enough!

Oh, and I'm very thankful to say, no one else got the stomach virus Jenna had last week!! Amazing! God is good to answer our prayers AND essential oils are a must have ya'll! :)

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