Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

The only thing I really wanted today was to take a minute to get my picture with each of the kids. I can honestly say, I don't love getting my picture taken but I realize that is my problem and it shouldn't keep me for giving the kids pictures of themselves with their mommy.
These were taken really fast, before church, on wet grass, on a Canon set to auto, by Bethany and I am so glad we could make it happen. The only thing was, in our rush I overlooked the fact that I didn't get a picture of me and Bethany! It was disappointing to realize this when I uploaded them.
I am overwhelmed by God's goodness to bless me with being a mother. times six! I do nothing to deserve these precious little people that are getting bigger every day. What a huge task before me each morning. It's crazy to me and I am so honored and challenged to become a more filled with Christ to lead them better by example.
I found this note slid under my door as I was getting ready this morning. Bethany took the time last night before going to sleep to write me a poem. I appreciate her sincere thoughtfulness, she really meant well. I feel the need to honestly share her words with you.

My Mother
She can be lovable, she can be sweet. 
She can be grumpy and she can be grouchy. 
She can turn my frown upside down. 
She's the boss and I'm the toss. 
But my mother, is like no other.
I have to admit, her words didn't bring me to tears, they stung a little, okay alot. I know there is alot of good in there, but the truth hurts! I am challenged to really work harder to control my attitude, my tone of voice and most of all my words.
Our pastor said this morning, "Our children are not looking for a perfect faith, they are looking for an authentic faith." We will make mistakes in our lives, in our parenting and with our children but we must admit it when we mess up. This is something that I need to do more often!

After church, we stopped at the grocery to pick up food for supper that the kids could prepare. Bethany, Joseph and Jenna made salad and baked potatoes with brownies for desert. They fixed it all with only my directing every now and then they cleaned up.
The best part of my day was getting to share it with my mom. She is my dearest friend. I am so grateful for the sacrifices she made and her continued selfless acts of love for me. She is so very giving and teaches me how to be a mom, how to strive to serve Jesus in the mundane living. She radiates Christ and I am so thankful for this day to celebrate her, with her! I love you so, Mom!

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