Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mayflower

Jenna Grace is 6 years old today! Oh my goodness, she is so much joy and happy bundled into one little self. She is all the spunk and spit fire and good-kind-of-crazy that our family can handle.
Her smile radiates my heart and her giggle is like drinking deep of pure happiness. Her little soul is so full of life, always enjoying the moment and never worried about anything. I've said before she is nothing like me and everything I admire. It's so incredible to me that God made her so very carefree, she floats through the air and and dances anywhere she pleases.
I planned to make one of Jenna's dreams come true before she turned 6 today, but I didn't get to do it. Soon, hopefully this week, I will get to share pictures of that. I really wanted to include that in this post and believe they will capture Jenna and her beautiful way of looking at life!
Here are some of my favorite blog post about Jenna, was hard to narrow them down!

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Dancing Jenna.
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4 year old Jenna.
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Happy birthday sweet Jenna! I am so thankful to be your mommy, you are so fun to parent and watching you grow up will never be dull. I love your heart and pray you will always keep your enthusiasm for life and the people you share it with. You teach me so much! Love you forever!

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Eleana said...

Such a beautiful post Miranda! Wishing the most happiest of wishes to your lovely Jenna. Happy Birthday!