Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Q and A with BradyBoy

"What color are bumble bee's tongues?"

"Where do mosquitoes wive?"
"Are mosquitoes nice to wightening bugs?"

Questions about Laynee...
"What color is her shirt?"

"Why isn't she wearin' clothes in nere?"

"Does she hab a bwanket in your tummy?"

Driving down the road and he says,om a sing-song way, "Waynee's in da van, an she doesn't hab a seat!"

"Do you think Waynee knows where we're goin'?"

Sitting in the van during a downpour, he asks, "Is Waynee scared of da rain?" Then he added, "She's prolly sweepin'."

I had to get labs drawn and took all the kids with me, Brady was worried when I explained they were going to put a needle in my arm and get blood out. He had this very serious, concerned look on his face and asked, "Is Waynee gonna hear dat?" He was worried she would feel it.

He asked if we could go to a punkin patch when Joe's back is better. I told him yes and explained that we can't go to a pumpkin patch until the fall and that Laynee will be with us then. He loves talking about when Waynee comes!

I told him Laynee can hear us talking and I think he likes knowing that she is listening to him. It's really sweet how often he is thinking about her.

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