Friday, July 11, 2014

Couple of Bernheim days

We went to Bernheim two days this week, I guess we're making up for the fact that we hadn't been all summer. It's always such a good time for our family unplugged and outside!
This tree fell down in the spring, we called it the pregnant tree and when I was pregnant with Anne we took my picture in front of it. Now the park has placed part of it next to the play area for climbing and the "pregnant part" is in another place of the park next to the silos. So, we took my picture with that part this time, I'm about the same weeks along in both pictures. {This is certainly not a vanity picture posting, but rather me embracing the gift of this baby girl and our short time we have left!}
Anne is talking and growing more every day now. She is getting bigger and loves exploring and learning all things outside. She is still as laid back as ever and life is nothing to rush or hurry through so we were constantly stopping to wait for her to pick something new up off the ground {a rock, a leaf, a stick, to which she said, "I got a tree!"}  or step up on a rock and enjoy the view.
We stopped for donut breakfasts both mornings and she still had glaze on her sticky face!
Every time we get out of the van, she will say, "I need my hands." meaning she needs to hold two hands to be safe, it is very cute.
It took her at least 10 minutes to walk across this area to the van, she just kept stopping to pick something up or look at a bug on the ground. She loves bugs and anything that is alive.
The kids had fun running up and down this hill and I love their faces in the pictures where they were jumping. I can hear Joseph's laugh just by seeing his face!

 Brady played really hard on the playground and then decided he needed a break.
 Joe bought the kids Ale81's and Brady thought he was big stuff drinking out of his green glass bottle.
Brady is a little nature hoarder. He is alot like Anne, always has an eye open for new things in nature. He gathers all this stuff, yellow leaves, pine cones and seeds from a sweet gum tree, and every time he has to take them home for my mom, Mamma.
As I've mentioned before, there is always more about our life on Instagram and in case I don't get back here soon, you can check there for updates. You can follow me at sippycupsandfingerprints. 
Have a good Friday, we have a fun afternoon planned with our boys!

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SailorMoon said...

Love the pictures and can't wait to see the new little blessing!! Your kids are adorable.