Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I should have, but I didn't

I should have given the boys haircuts.
I should have packed my bags for the hospital, seriously, still haven't done that.
I should have worked on getting the school supplies ready. The pencils sharpened, the posters hung, the books neatly stacked on the shelves, my desk cleared off.
Instead, I worked on potty training Anne.
Instead, I took my camera outside in the unusually cool evening air and took pictures of my kids being in the moment.
You never regret being present and capturing life as it is.
Kids in pj bottoms, mismatched clothes, pants missing.
Barefoot feet in fresh cut grass, girls making salads from weeds, kids digging graves for fallen baby birds discovered in the yard, riding bikes and pushing dump trucks.
I spent hours of time today trying to find the perfect picture to print to canvas. That's a hard task, it has to crop perfectly, be great quality, edit well. So many perspectives and angles to choose from -a face shot, a smile, an emotion, a moment, a story. What do I want my canvas to say? Pictures tell stories and I loved all the reminders of these precious years, fleeting moments. I realized yet again how incredible photography is, even the blurry pictures, the over edited pictures, it didn't really matter. I am so thankful for my pictures, especially the ones that show real life.
You never regret the time you take to live in the moment and capture real life because it's always beautiful and changing.

Today I asked Brady what he thought if Laynee was born today and he jumped up and yelled, "We'd get to go to the hospital and see her and she'd be FREEEE!" I'm trying to be patient and savor these last days of life with 5. I am trying.

One more Brady conversation that just happened. He asked Bethany what her baby dolls name is and she told him, "Josephina."
"Ugh! That's a terrible name!!" he said. She asked him what she should name her and Brady said, "Brady Alton is a good name."

After a pause he added, "Or Squirt."

When I was leaving I heard him ask her if he could sleep with her baby tonight, to which she told him yes.


Eleana said...

Thanks for sharing these special moments :o)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post...as a parent you always want the perfect picture, but that's just not life!

SailorMoon said...

Praying for you girl!! When I am having a bad day or trying time at work I check in here and see those cutie patootie kids of yours and can't help but smile. Waiting on news of the new baby!! She's going to be a doll I'm sure.

Joyce Wise said...

Congrats on your new baby girl. I miss seeing you.

Joyce Wise