Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our boys and riding a train

Joe and I took the boys to the Kentucky Railway Museum yesterday. This was Brady's first time riding a train and he was so excited! Joseph was more excited for him than for himself but they both loved it. Joseph was crazy about trains when he was Brady's age, way more into Thomas than Brady. Brady likes playing trains and watching Thomas, Joseph loved Thomas and learning all things trains when he was Brady's age. Brady is more into cars and trucks and all things with wheels that dig up dirt.
 Both of these boys just melt me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have two boys. It's hard to define how they are the same and how they are different, they are really different. Joseph is calm and thoughtful, Brady is full of energy and responds quickly. They both have a genuine sweetness and tender heart, Brady's is a bit more hidden than Joseph's but it's definitely there.
My heart feels so much love for them, I can't even separate the love of have for each of them because it feel the same toward them. I'm just so grateful I have the chance to mother a boy twice. I always feel like I only have their hearts for a short time compared to my girls. Maybe it's more of a worry than a reality but I know they're not gonna be boys forever and either way, this time is short.

Joe had Brady wear his hat the way his great papaw used to wear his hat.
It was rare and fun to do something with just four of us, we had a great afternoon together. It seems like such a short time ago, I had mono and we took Joseph to ride the train and now we are here, almost 5 years later, with our second little guy. Time is so very, very precious!

I just wanted to add that we were disappointed with how ran down the museum has gotten in 5 years, there was a flood and they haven't recovered from that. Unless they renovate, we will go elsewhere to ride a train in the future, because we have been there twice now and it seems to be going downhill. I am not suggesting you don't go but felt the need to say that.

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Nate and Erin said...

Always love when you blog! Glad you and Joe got to spend some time with the boys doing "boy things".