Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toddler Diaries and counting down the days til Laynee comes

 {Dearest little dress crocheted by a lady that cared for my grandma.}

I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy and as always it's a little bittersweet. I am so very ready to meet this little girl and cannot wait to snuggle her under my neck and kiss her soft cheeks, there is nothing in the world like finally meeting this new person God designed for our family and all these months of waiting will be so worth it! It's also incredible to think of how much life will be changing and new adjustments will be needed.
We will settle back in and I know the newborn, postpartum weeks will fly past, before long she'll be 4 and 6 and 9 months and then a year. I know that the newborn craziness will end eventually and it will all feel normal being a family of 8. I'm hoping and praying I'll feel good and will just be able to enjoy this short season, I'm so excited! Even though my bags aren't packed I've gotten more ready in the past week and if I went into labor anytime I'm ready.
It's always a little sad to look at my current baby and know that their time of being the baby is ending. I know just how gigantic Anne is going to look when she comes to meet her sister. She just started talking in fuller sentences and seems to be grasping the concept of Laynee coming out of my tummy, sleeping in her crib, having her own diapers and pacifiers.
Anne still has her own paci and is very attached to it at bedtime. I have decided to let her keep it for awhile longer. We usually make her leave it in her crib during the day and she only gets it at nap and night times. There are lots of changes in store for her and she is also started to need more discipline, so it's just not a good time to take it away.
In the past week, Anne has learned how to climb out of her crib, OH YAY all of US!
One night this week, she got out after the girls went to bed and trashed their room while they were sleeping. She wrote pen all over herself, poured out Bethany's perfume and took off her diaper and put on bloomers that she thought were panties. At 12:45am, Bethany came to wake me because she had found her!
Just a few minutes ago, she was sitting on the table squirting out tarter sauce the kids had left out from lunch. She is completely at the age of being curious and wanting to know what comes out of things
and if it taste good,
can she color with it,
rub it on herself,
does it tear apart in pieces,
is it wet or is it gooey...
Can she reach that high,
can she get it open by unscrewing it
or pulling it
or turning it...
Is it hot or cold...
Everything is to be discovered and explored. It's not naughtiness, it's just wanting to learn and I get that, but it's also very busy with this 2 year old in the house and it's a bit interesting that she hit this phase just as Laynee is about to get here! OH BOY!
Brady is super excited to meet his baby sister, it is the sweetest thing. ever. He has completely blown us away with the things he says and questions he ask about her. He thinks about her all the time and will randomly ask me if she is awake, if I can feel her moving or if she is sleeping. He affectionately will come rub or pat my belly. When we rode the train he snuggled up with me and scratched my belly and then told us he was tickling her and she was "waughin' in dere". He talks about how she can hear him.
One time I was kind of poking my belly, I wasn't even really aware that I was doing it, just feeling my belly I guess and Brady exclaimed, "MOMMY quit poking Laynee!!!"
One day I was feeling really bad and in pain. I was getting up from the couched and moaned and he rushed over to me and asked if Laynee was okay and then he gently rubbed my arm and asked me if that felt good. His eyes were worried and it was so sweet!
He has already called dibs on getting to hold her before any of the other kids and we've promised him that. We cannot wait to see him when he meets her, it is going to be very sweet.
Brady and Anne both can be absolutely crazy and crazy to handle! They are very used to Joe being home and Brady was adament that Joe did not need to go back to work. We all get spoiled having him here all summer and that is another huge adjustment coming at the same time Laynee arrives. I am choosing to not worry about things and trusting that it will all be just fine. I hope to take things one day at a time and pray for grace with my children and myself. God has seen us through so many times where I could only do so much and it is only by His power that I'm able to do any of this. Praying for the wisdom to focus on the things that matter most to Him.

 {Random current Brady fact: Brady tells us often that he is going to be a dump-truck-driver-man when he gets bigger!}
I had to start going to the hospital for NST's this week, non stress test to monitor the baby and make sure she is active and healthy. I've had to have these at the end of my pregnancies since being pregnant with Jenna because of Gestational diabetes.
I had an ultrasound last at 34 weeks 5 days and she was measuring 35 weeks 5 days, they estimated her to weigh 6 lbs, give or take a lb. I think it's highly unlikely that she was 5 lbs and could very easily have been 7lbs. They estimated her in the 73% and at an ultrasound 5 weeks prior they had estimated her at 48%. Really anxious to find out how big she is going to be. Jenna was 9lbs 6oz, Brady was 9lbs but Anne was 8lbs 7oz which was my second smallest and felt like such a little baby after my two bigger ones. I'd really love for Laynee to be under 9lbs but I don't feel like that is going to happen. I have had harder time eating like I'm supposed to this time around and I fear it is going to show in this girl's cheeks!
I am so very, very thankful to not have had to do insulin! I was worried about it numerous times throughout this pregnancy and it has been a source of sleepless nights and lots of praying. It's been difficult to eat healthy and check my blood sugars as regularly as I needed, such a hectic pregnancy this has been! Last week I had my A1C checked was so happy it was within limits, I know it was only because of prayer by myself and others!

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Joe's Mawmaw passed away last weekend. She was 95 and such a beautiful lady. She had the sweetest ways about her and we cherish the time we were able to spend with her. She always loved holding babies and seeing her great-grandkids. I think the way she is pushing Jenna's hair back in the picture above is so how she was, so precious. She inspired us to live life contentedly and just enjoy the simple things. We will definitely miss her!

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