Friday, August 15, 2014

Laynee Love

These first 7 days have been absolutely precious. My mom has given me the gift of time with my newest girl. We've had the days and nights to ourselves and the house has been quiet. I've been able to focus on resting and snuggling and nursing and soaking Laynee in. It's had a few moments of difficulty but overall, it's been such a happy time.

As I was being discharged from the hospital, my doctor told me my thyroid levels were dangerously low, TSH 30 and T4 0.7. This was reason to worry that I might not be able to produce milk and that my postpartum recovery was going to be more difficult. This also explains my pure exhaustion the past few weeks of pregnancy and complete fatigue in labor. My medicine has been adjusted, I'm starting some new supplements to battle anemia, I've been on a strict nursing and pumping schedule all week and thank the Lord this baby has milk! I'm trusting that the weeks ahead are in God's hands and He'll give me the strength I need to be the mom I need to be.

Laynee is a great baby! She really is easy, sleeps and eats good. She has very alert times but seems to have come with a programed schedule and I'm just loving it. From the minute she was born she has shown us how she is calm, contented and barely cries

So thankful for the love and care our kids are getting from my mom. They have been doing school, picking beans, going to the library, coming home in the evenings until bedtime, loving Laynee, fighting colds and wearing both my parents out I'm sure! How blessed are we to have grandparents that can take and handle 5 kids for a week?! I'm so grateful.

I'm excited that it's Friday, looking forward to the weekend with all of our family together. Praying for us this morning, mainly for myself. Praying for patience with myself and others. 
Happy Friday friends!

*Laynee banner made by Laynee's Aunt Jenny
*Quilt made by Laynee's great-grandma, Kathleen

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