Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Laynee's birth story, Day 1

I had been so ready to have this baby girl for weeks and hoped-believed that she would come on her own before my induction date on the 6th. As August 4th neared, I consoled myself that maybe I'd wait and go into labor on my grandma's 90th birthday. Monday came and I was still pregnant with no signs of labor starting.
Finally the 6th came, my induction date. I was excited that Laynee and Brady would have the same birth day of the month, his December 6th and her's possibly being the 6th of August. I was induced with Jenna and Anne and felt that it was highly unlikely my induction would take so long that Laynee would have a 7th birthday.
The morning of the 6th, I had to be up at 5 am and to the hospital at 6. I slept very little the night before, only slept a couple of hours because I was uncomfortable. Joe and I eagerly walked into the hospital and couldn't wait to get the day started and meet our girl!
We settled into our room, 441. They weren't very busy and had plenty of empty beds so they gave us the biggest room. My nurse was Sarah, but she was getting ready to finish her shift. Sarah was able to get my IV in on the second time which is a huge success for her and I both. My veins are always difficult to find and blow easily, especially when I'm pregnant. We were relieved to have that first hurdle of the day over.

My nurse for the day came in and she was the same nurse I had when I was induced with Anne, Michele. Michele started Pitocin in my IV and when she checked me she said she couldn't feel Laynee's head, the baby was high and I wasn't dilated. I thought she was probably wrong because on Friday, at my last doctor's visit, the doctor checked me and said she was definitely head down and I was dilated 1 cm. Laynee had been a very active baby and especially the two nights prior moved around like crazy. I thought about that and I was worried maybe she did flip.
We waited for Dr. S to come in and see what she said. I filled out paper work, Joe and I even decided to go ahead and watch a mandatory video about shaken baby syndrome, that had to be viewed and a questionnaire filled out before we could be discharged with a newborn, while we waited.
I wasn't feeling very good, I had terrible heartburn and felt dizzy and lightheaded. Dr. S came in a little before 9 and she pushed and felt of my belly. I could tell by the look on her face she was kinda unsure. She got an ultrasound machine and as soon as she put the Doppler on my stomach her response told us, Laynee was no longer head down!
"Can I cry?" I asked, and she said we'd both cry together. She continued looking at how much fluid I had, how big Laynee looked and how she was laying. She said she thought Laynee would be less than 8 lbs, which I never believed because I was so uncomfortable and my belly was so big this pregnancy. She said that I had plenty of fluid for her to turn back and that she thought she was small enough to flip back too.
Dr. S tried to turn her while I laid on my back and then she had me get on my hands and knees and tried to turn her but Laynee didn't budge. She suggested I try getting into different positions, to see if she would turn. She also said I should place music on my stomach where we wanted her head to go and have Joe talk to her and maybe she would move in that direction. She told me to walk and keep trying the different things. Dr. S said she had a speaker in her car that I could hook into my iPhone.
Dr S said we could attempt doing an external version later in the day around 5, if Laynee didn't turn before then. They would give me an epidural at 3, had to have the OR available in case there was a need for an emergency c-section while doing the version and if she could turn her she would break my water, if not I'd have a c-section. She had Michele check to see if I could come back on Thursday or Friday morning, to allow Laynee more time but the schedule for the OR was already filled.
Joe's hand where her head was.
Dr. S has been the only OB/GYN I've ever seen, she delivered all my babies and I really trusted her and value her opinion. We have spent alot of time together in the past 10 years with these 6 babies. Attempting the version was an easy decision for me. I didn't want a c-section if it could be helped and neither did she. When I was pregnant with Jenna, she was breech until 38 weeks and I was scheduled for a version, but she turned a day or so before on her own.
After Dr. S left, they gave me a little something to eat, unhooked me from the monitors so I could move around and stopped the Pitocin. I laid in the positions they showed me, all of which were uncomfortable. I played Pandora on my stomach and the very first song that played was Chris Tomlin's song "Sovereign", such a since of peace came over me knowing God was with me no matter what happened. I held an ice pack where her head was hoping she would move away from the ice. I sat on a birthing ball and rocked back and forth, it wasn't as relaxing as it all sounds. I was tired and uncomfortable!
Until about two, we just moved around and I tried to relax and get her to turn. We did lots of praying, my sister came by and took pictures of us, she'd planned to be available to take pictures after Laynee arrived. My mom came by, as well as a friend who prayed with us and gave me a great back rub! A pastor from our church came by and we felt so many people praying for us!
I called my chiropractor to see if there was anything he would feel comfortable doing and he did not want to treat me for a breech baby. As time passed though, I wondered about getting a regular adjustment. A friend's phone call really helped push me in that direction and Joe and I realized we would like to have a little more time before going into the very possible c-section.
I asked my nurse if Dr S would allow me anymore time. I couldn't believe that I was even considering not having this baby that day! I knew if I came back the next day, I'd have to get a new IV and that is no easy task with me. I was so ready to have Laynee, but I was also starving and tired and felt like I wanted to do everything possible that I could. My doctor said that I could have until Thursday afternoon. She said she really didn't think she would move on her own during that time but it was my decision if I wanted to wait.
At 4:30, we left the hospital and headed to get something to eat. Laynee had been unusually still all day and I felt like it was because I hadn't eaten much. I thought if I ate something, particularly something that would raise my blood sugar she would get active and maybe turn. I wanted Mexican food, so Joe and I ate and then I went home to laid down to see if she would start moving. I figured if she got active I would try getting into some of the positions again.
After an hour of her not getting active and only having very vague movements I took my blood sugar and it was 185. Totally high enough that she should have been active.
All day long I had been worried that maybe we were missing something. Her unusual stillness bothered me all day. I wanted to be sure we weren't overlooking anything. I wondered if she needed to be born via c-section for a reason other than being breech and if maybe God was leading us in that direction for our own good. It was so hard to know, we had the liberty to make decisions and we just kept praying for wisdom and confirmation that we did the right thing.
When she continued to be lethargic we decided to go back to the hospital to monitor her and see if there was reason to do something before the next afternoon. At 6:30 we were back on the Labor and Delivery floor. They hooked me up to monitors and her heart rate was good, as it had been all day. She became a bit more active, active enough that the doctor and nurses weren't concerned. They said if I was comfortable going home that it looked good, so we came home.
Joe and I were both completely exhausted. We came home climbed into bed, both of us took TylenolPM and I slept so good! I slept the entire night with music playing up against my belly.

With the exception of the few pictures I posted from my cell, my sister took these pictures for us. I love them! When I was working through the reality of having a c-section one of the things I had to surrender was my desire for pictures during a labor and delivery time and my expectations of the moments that followed Laynee's birth. After doing things one way five times, it was hard for me to not be sad at the thought of things being so very different this time. All that truly mattered was a healthy baby girl and that is what I kept having to tell myself.

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