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Laynee's birth story, Day 2

I woke up at 6am on the 7th to Laynee moving around. It had become her busiest time of the day for the past few weeks. I moved around hoping to help her move in the right direction but I could tell her head was still under my rib.
I went downstairs to eat something because Dr S had told me I couldn't eat or drink after 8am in case I'd need an emergency c-section. I sat in the recliner and put an ice pack on my stomach where her head was and a heating pad where we wanted her to move. I called a chiropractor in town that supposedly did some special treatment for breech babies but his office was closed for the day. I got an appointment for mid morning with my regular chiropractor for an adjustment.
My neck and shoulders were killing me from laying slanted in the bed at the hospital the day before. At the chiropractor I was able to get relief from that and the chiropractor agreed that an adjustment in my hips and back couldn't hurt anything and might make it easier for my doctor to turn Laynee later in the day.
In retrospect, I am so, so thankful I had the chance go home get a good nights rest and to go to the chiro before delivering Laynee, it was very needed after all that I'd been through the day before and even more needed for all that I had ahead.
Joe and I went home to get a little rest, I was starving and trying to do all things needed for Laynee to move but I did drift off a little bit before it was time to go to the hospital at 2. I felt pretty rested when we arrived at the hospital, I felt mentally and emotionally ready for whatever the outcome.
As the elevator doors opened to the fourth floor waiting room of Labor and Delivery, we saw a very crowded room. My heart sank a little and as we approached the nurses station the nurses told us they were slammed. They only had a couple of beds they were holding open for women in active labor and were going to put me in the surgery prep/recovery area.
Joe and I settled squished into the most uncomfortable room, me in an uncomfortable stretcher like bed and him in an uncomfortable chair. There was an uncomfortable curtain separating my side of the room from another uncomfortable bed. In the other bed, there was an uncomfortable patient recovering from a c-section and waiting to be moved to a room. Did I mention it was uncomfortable?!
As the nurses rushed around, we asked about how busy they were and the tech told me I'd be going to the peds floor after Laynee was born because there were no beds left in the unit. My heart completely sank! I did not want to go to peds! Ontop of me trying to preparing myself to have a c-section, the thought of having to stay in a pediatric room and be taken care of next to sick, possibly crying kids made me very scared and unhappy.
I asked my nurse if she could call Dr S and let her know that they didn't have a bed for me. When I was induced with Anne, they didn't have a bed for me and kept me in triage for 7 hours before getting me into a room and when Dr S found out they had kept me, instead of sent me home for that long, she was not happy.
The charge nurse came in to explain there was no way she could promise me I wasn't going to peds. She said there were 7 women ahead of me waiting on rooms or likely would be ready for a room before me. I completely understood the situation but was so not excited to be looking at a possible c-section and then moved to peds floor.
I have to add that the nurses and techs on the Labor, Delivery and Recovery floor are awesome! Many of them remember us because all of our babies were born there and they really make us feel good and well taken care of. I told them it was their fault I was so upset about not getting to stay there.
Dr S said that if I didn't want to stay, I could come back on Saturday or Sunday for an NST to check on the baby. If she was head down that day, she would immediately come in and break my water. If she was still breech, I would have to schedule a c-section for next week and because of my progression in the pregnancy and Laynee getting bigger, she would not be able to attempt the version.
As I sat in the bed, I was completely confused and so over making any decisions. I didn't know what to do. It took me probably 20 minutes of going around and around, trying to think it all out and worried I'd regret whatever decision I made. Joe prayed with me about it but he really didn't help me decide at all, unlike the day before. Throughout this whole ordeal, day one and two, everyone kept telling me, "It's really up to you." and I was tired of it being up to me.
Finally, it came down to, I was concerned about Laynee not being as active. I was tired of being pregnant. I really wanted to have this baby girl, NOW! I didn't want to wait any longer, we had already lost a day that Joe took off work and if I waited he would likely have to take off time next week. I decided to trust God with all of it and just deal with whatever came. As soon, as I made that decision I started doubting myself, but then I stuck with it.
During this time, the lady next to me was moved out. My nurse, Bambi realized that she didn't want to have to stick me over and over for an IV so she went to get Sheri. Sheri looked around for some time, but when she stuck me, my IV was good on the first try! This was incredible and I was so, so thankful!
Bambi said they had to wait to get my epidural because there was an emergency c-section and the anesthesiologist was in the OR, plus the OR had to be ready for me when we got started. As I sat in the bed waiting, I started having contractions every 2-4 minutes and they were pretty painful. I prayed that they would encourage Laynee to move in the right position.
They brought the lady in who had just had an emergency c-section and she was miserable and got sick. It was so sad and at the same time, I kept thinking that could be me in a little while! Did I say, the room was uncomfortable?
The anesthesiologist was on his way in, my contractions had stopped at that time and I really started wishing I was in more pain to make the epidural more appealing. I just started crying. I hate it every single time that Joe has to leave the room while I get an epidural!
After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself and recognizing that this whole situation was completely bigger than me and my strength, Joe prayed with me and The Lord gave me peace. By the time the anesthesiologist came in I was determined to tough it out. The anesthesiologist was very nice and my nurse was terrific! Epidurals really aren't that bad, it's just the dread of it. Usually my IV's are much worse than any epidural. I think this doctor gave me the best one ever. After he had it in he asked if this was my last baby. I told him I didn't know, probably not and he said, "Oh, well if it was, I was gonna show you the needle." I agreed I probably shouldn't see it and he said no way was he gonna show it to me!
When I was getting my epidural, I asked Bambi if she had seen Dr S have good results when doing a version. "I've never done one with her before." I knew that she had worked there for 14 years.
Really soon after getting my epidural, Dr S came in. My legs were really numb fast, I am so thankful the epidural worked so well on the first try. The nurses were rushing around getting everything Dr S told them they needed. Dr S asked them if they knew how to maneuver the bed, because it wasn't the regular L and D bed they would have used and if they knew how put the head of it down. They had to get another nurse to come show them.
Dr S put the ultrasound doppler on my stomach and Laynee's head was no longer under my rib, where it had been when I came in. She had moved more toward my side/hip. Dr S studied where my fluid was and which way she was going to push her.
I laid flat on the bed, they put all kinds of gel on my belly and Dr S started to push and rub really hard, but it wasn't painful.
I had terrible heartburn and hadn't been able to take anything for it all day long. My only concern was that I might get sick, especially when I had to lay flat and she was pressing on my stomach. I had heard horror stories about this procedure, but in my experience it wasn't bad at all. I was determined it wasn't gonna not work because of me calling it off.
It was only about 5 minutes maybe, Dr S was kneeling on the bed leaning on me and I thought I felt a big movement. At the same time, Dr S felt like she moved, told the nurse to take her glove off and with her forearm holding pressure on my stomach she grabbed the doppler with the other and saw that Laynee was in fact head down.
While still holding pressure on my belly with one arm, she broke my water with a hook in the other hand and then, one handed, put an internal monitor on Laynee's head. Before she broke my water she told me I dilated to 4 cm! It was 6:45 when my water broke.
As the water gushed out, Laynee started to wiggle. Dr S said, "Oh no baby!" and I just prayed that she wouldn't move back. Dr S told the nurses to "funnel" to which they said they didn't know what she wanted. She explained she wanted them to push the water from the sides of my stomach.
I was trying to keep as calm and still as possible, the nurses kept asking if I was okay and I really was fine except for the fact that I felt really sick from heartburn. After Dr S got all the water out they flipped the head of the bed down and then I really felt sick! Dr S kept pressure on my stomach as I laid for about 10 minutes like that, thankfully I didn't get sick!
Then they put the bed back to flat and for 45 minutes Dr S stood there holding pressure on my stomach and talking to Joe and I. After about 30 minutes, I asked her if her arm was killing her and she said, "Oh, I stopped feeling my arm a long time ago." I asked her after it was over, if she does a version often and she said, no people really don't opt to go through with them or they schedule a version but the baby turns before it's needed. She had said all along that it's about 50/50 that she could move her and that was because I had plenty of fluid and Laynee wasn't too big.
They started Pitocin in my IV and now that I was going into labor, they moved me to a L and D room. I was in half disbelief and complete joy that is had worked! All along I hadn't really let my mind think about the version being successful because I was trying to mentally prepare myself for a c-section.
As they pushed me into room, 446, the smallest room, I just physically crashed! My epidural was very strong and I was completely paralyzed. I couldn't help them get me into the bed at all. They had given me a medicine to drink for my heartburn and as they were transferring me to the bed I got sick.
My nurse Bambi's shift had ended and at 7:30pm. I wish I could have kept her all night! She had taken care of me before and was so happy that the version had worked. Joe and I thanked her and she said, "All I did was stand here and pray!"
It was around 8pm and we all thought for sure that I would progress quickly and have a baby before midnight! We were excited for Laynee to have a 7th birthday because Bethany, Joseph and Jenna all have birthdays on the 7th of different months.
The next hours all really drug and I tried to rest, but the first few hours I kept thinking that it was going to be time to push at any moment. I was so excited to be in labor and be in a L and D room but at the same time I felt awful! I was so tired, I have never been so tired in labor, and that is saying alot! I couldn't hold my eyes open, was starving, completely uncomfortable and several times I tried to drink something to help my stomach and each time I got so sick! Every time we hoped it was a sign that I had progressed but each time I hadn't. I have always gotten sick once during labor but this time I got sick 4 times. 
The hours neared midnight, even though my Pitocin kept being upped I was still only dilated to 4-5 cm. It was clear this girl was not going to share a 7th birthday with anyone! At that point, I was too tired to care when she was born, I just wanted her to get here!

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