Thursday, August 14, 2014

Laynee's birth story, Day 3

As the hours passed, I felt worse and worse. I worried that my blood sugar was too low but it wasn't. I had so little energy I kept thinking if I could eat something that would help, but I couldn't even keep ice down. I just felt absolutely rotten and at the same time trying to embrace the gift of being in labor and not having to have a c-section. My heart was thankful, so thankful but my body was weak.
After midnight, my nurse came in and told me that I would not be moving to peds after Laynee was born because my labor had lasted so long, other patients were moved before me and it was full! I would have no place to go, so they would keep me in the L and D room until some one moved out of the post partum side later that day. God is so sweet to me!
I'm not sure what time it started, maybe around 3am, Laynee's heart rate dropped into the 60's and the nurse gave me oxygen. I stayed on oxygen the rest of the labor and her heart rate dropped several more times before she was born. I couldn't hold my eyes open to look at the monitors but I knew the nurses were standing beside my bed watching. I couldn't stop thinking, what if I go through all this and end up having to have a c-section because I didn't progress and her heart rate dropped?!
It was after 4am before I progressed to 6-7cm. I kept asking my nurse if I could get into a different position to help her heart rate or speed up my progression but she was very passive. Her and my tech Kathy, who was awesome, finally did move me around in the bed a little but my epidural was so strong I couldn't help much.
I'm not sure what time it was, maybe around 5am Dr S came in and said for my nurse to back my epidural off and that she thought I'd be ready to push within 15 minutes or so.
Joe took this picture of me at 5:27am, it's proof that I looked as miserable as I say. I was so tired, so weak and really scared that I wasn't going to have energy to push. I had so many emotions, I was relieved to almost be finished with this labor, this pregnancy and at the same time I was sad it was ending. I was scared that maybe I'd have a c-section yet or something wasn't going to be right. I was thankful to have been given this moment and I kept thinking of my grandma who Laynee is named after and I just cried. Tears ran down my cheeks. I was thankful and relieved, full of joy and of fear. I doubted myself and I was so ready to meet Laynee.
Finally the moment came to have this baby and the room was busy with everyone getting ready. Dr S said I could push when I had a contraction and with one push Laynee's head was out, with the second she was completely out and the cord was wrapped around her arm and her leg. It wasn't a problem but it probably explains her lack of movements the past 48 hours.
There are no words to describe these moments in life, they are the minutes you just breathe as slow as possible because they are so very precious. I was surprised she wasn't bigger, so surprised. At first we thought her hair was red like both the boys. I immediately said she looked like the boys and Joe.
 She cried for a minute but Joe said something and she opened her eyes and quieted down, then looked intently around. It is incredible how she recognized both of our voices. After that she just looked toward my or Joe's voice and listened.
She laid with me for quite awhile but I was eager to find out how much she weighed so Joe carried her over to be weighed and cleaned up.
8 pounds 20in! So many nights I laid in bed scared she was gonna be 12 pounds, I was completely shocked that she weighed 8 pounds, overjoyed! This pregnancy felt like a 10 month marathon and her weight at the end felt like I made record time. It's like a race I ran that ended differently than I expected, yet perfectly. Bethany weighed one ounce less than Laynee at 7lbs 15oz, Joseph was 8lbs 11oz, Jenna was 9lbs 6oz, Brady was 9lbs and Anne was 8lbs 7oz.
Laynee with my awesome doctor! Seriously, she is amazing and has been so good to me. I asked her the next day when she came to the hospital if she heard the halls singing her accolades. So many people stopped by our room to congratulate us and tell us how happy they were that the version worked. Repeatedly, they told us how it just doesn't work most of the time. Nurses that had seen my name on the board, knew that we came in on Wednesday and went home, knew that I'd had five babies without a c-section and felt bad for me came in to tell me how they went home and prayed for us. Some of them remembered us from previous visits, some of them just heard our story and having them tell us that they prayed for us was overwhelming!
Oh, my heart! This guy, wow! He is the reason I can do what I do, he supports me, like no one else ever could. Every time in this story that I was weak and tired he was telling me I was strong and awesome. Every time I was crying, he was wiping me tears and kissing me face. Every time there was a decision to be made or a need for peace, He prayed over me. His words keep me going, always encouraging me in this life we have, always reassuring and believing in me. I love being his wife!
 After her bath we realized her hair was blonde. All our other girls had dark brown hair and the boys both had red so it's neat that she has blonde hair. Love her downy, soft hair.
It took 3 days, 11 hours of active labor, my longest labor ever but it was worth it all!!
My mom was in the room when Laynee was born and she was able to share our special moments and get lots of pictures, way more than are posted here. I love the fact that one of the things I had to give up was my desire for pictures and God allowed me to have them.
I can not speak enough of how faithful God was through this entire experience. It is always through these times in life that we grow and are changed. God answered so many prayers the way we asked but even if He had answered them differently, He would still be just as faithful and kind. It's not really about His answer, it's about His constant love and presence in these difficult times. He used so many people in our life to uplift and encourage us, we are completely grateful for the friends and family that share in our joy and pray for us. Thank you!


Nate and Erin said...

Completely precious! I'm so sorry L & D was so exhausting for you, but thankful that you still were able to see God's hand in it. Laynee looks perfect! Congratulations!

SailorMoon said...

Congratulations!! I had 3 c-sections and couldn't even tell you what a labor pain is! Love the pic Joe took of you at 5:27, you look like my now 22yo with her unhappy face! I am so glad everything worked out and God is in control.