Friday, August 22, 2014

Life with six

Laynee is two weeks old today! We are all doing really good. The kids have just settled right in like nothing major happened. They are excited about Laynee and ask to hold her several times a day. Bethany and Joseph both have changed her diapers because they wanted to change it. They both will sit and hold Laynee for long periods of time.
The little ones are adjusting just fine, Brady and Anne neither one seem the least bit jealous. The first thing Anne asks every morning is, "Daddy workin' ?" and "I go see Way-nee?" She runs to see her in the crib in our room.
Laynee gets plenty of attention but the kids still play and do their own things and life feels normal. Normal still includes toddler messes and meltdown, sibling fights and loud children, crazy moments and countdowns to bedtime but I'm so thankful!
I am tired, from my thyroid levels being a mess more than having a newborn with late night feedings. Overall, I feel pretty good, better than my labs would lead me to believe. I  would rather feel the way I do now than how I felt pregnant. I do not miss being pregnant!
Laynee is such a contented baby. She is very quiet, cries hardly ever and sleeps and eat great. I know this could all change but so far, she is a good baby. I just love her so much! I have been snuggling her up as much as possible and taking things slow.
I started school back with the kids this week and it went well. I'm slowly adding things back into our life but still very much taking things slow, staying home and resting alot. We've had meals coming from friends and family and it's been a blessing. We have been so loved on and supported by many and it's been incredible! Thank you!!
The week before Laynee arrived, on a whim, I decided to try potty training Anne. She did really great and my Mom faithfully worked with her while she had her. She is doing awesome, I can't believe how well she has picked up on going potty.
My mom also took her paci away after she didn't have it one night while she was keeping her. So the paci is gone too! It is a bit sad for me. Anne doesn't even try to take Laynee's paci, she says, "Way-nee's paci not fit me."
I'm so happy it's the weekend! No school and Joe is home, looking forward to having him home.
Hope you have a good weekend, ours is sure to have some crazy moments!

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Nate and Erin said...

Melt my heart into a puddle! Precious, precious, precious! I really like the picture of all their little feet. I'm sure it is crazy with 6, but it sounds like you are handling it well.