Friday, August 15, 2014

The kids meet Laynee

The kids came up to meet Laynee the morning she was born. The night before we had debated whether they should hang out in the waiting room until she was born and get to come back and meet her soon after. It was a good thing we decided to have them go to bed because they would have been there all night! The older kids remember when Brady and Anne were born and waiting in the waiting room, so they were a little disappointed that it didn't happen that way this time.
Joe and I were so excited for the kids to meet Laynee, especially Brady. We couldn't wait to see his response.
The kids came in and Anne ran straight to Laynee in Joe's arms. Each of the other kids came to give me a hug first, I was surprised that they did that before even looking at Laynee.
Brady of course had called dibs on holding Laynee first. We told him how we thought Laynee looks most like he did as a baby.
After Brady held her, he came over to me in the bed and started rubbing my arm softly.
Anne held her next, she loves Laynee so much!
Brady climbed up in the bed with me and was so sweet, giving me kisses and patting my arm.
Big sister and little sister, it is so surreal that my first baby is almost 10 years older than my baby. I'm starting to realize just how fast these years go. Crazy thought is, in the same amount of time I've been a mom, Laynee will be 10 and Bethany will be 20!
All the girls, four sisters! Amazing to see this picture!
Jenna and Laynee
More Brady love, he is such a sweet boy.
Bethany brought me a small box she had decorated. There was a card inside and marshmallows. The card read, "Because you can have sugar now!"
Joseph patiently waited to hold her last.
These boys, oh how I love them!!
After everyone had a turn holding Laynee I unwrapped her so they could see her long fingers and toes. Bethany wanted to count them one by one.
Brady had to hold her again! At one point while Brady was there he looked over at Laynee and said, "Oh. My. goodness!"
These are a couple of pictures I took of her throughout the day. We had lots of company but I also spent a bunch of time snuggling her up. Best thing ever! Did I say she was worth it all?!

No sleep since 6am Thursday morning but I was happier than a lark. Best feeling ever!
The kids came back up to visit again that evening and I was moved out of the L and D room about 7pm. The kids pushed the Lullaby button on the way to my new room.
I had very little rest that night, between feedings and staff coming in and out, by morning I was ready to come home. I could have stayed until Sunday but I was tired of being in the hospital. I'd been at the hospital for four days and Joe was starting back to work on Monday. We wanted to get settled in at home. 6pm we came home and I was so happy to be in our own bed!

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