Friday, September 19, 2014

Bethany's 10 and September living

Our Bethany Rose turned TEN this month! I really don't even know what to say, it's feels right and unbelievable all at the same time. Ten is such a biggie, a decade has passed already. I love her so much and it's scary to think that in this same amount of time she'll be 20 and all that her life might look like then! I never knew ten years could fly so fast, and the thought of the next ten going just as quickly is crazy.
My heart is just so proud of her, thankful that she is our first. I love that she is the oldest in the family and so perfectly designed for that role. She helps me all the time, she is a rock to her siblings, leads each of them strongly, sometimes too strongly, of course, but she genuinely protects and looks out for them.
I watch her growing and changing, making new ways in friendships and maturity. I'm excited to see what God has ahead for her. He has gifted her with strength and determination, she is a fighter and sometimes I view that as a bad thing but I pray it is used well for God's glory.

I am thankful that God has protected her, kept her healthy and safe and we've had 10 years with her. 
For her birthday she wanted to have a picnic at Bernhiem, so we went after church, had pizza and pumpkin pie, took a hike and fed turtles. She got a new dress among other clothes and shoes, and we bought her a phone. {Oh, the things I said, I'd never do!} She had wanted a camera and we decided to get her a phone to take pictures and videos with, plus she can use apps. She was completely shocked and thrilled to get a phone, even though it's not activated to make phone calls. I'm taking suggestions on parental apps that might work to block wi-fi or at least report her history and activity, that would allow her more freedom to use wi-fi. I will pay for an app if I know it will work well but I have had a hard time finding good reviews or recommendations.
The kids have been playing outside often, enjoying this fall weather. Their creative play makes me happy. Their newest things are to pull the little ones in the wagon and play pioneers and the boys like to pretend they are working on the railroad by hitting the landscape curbing with wooden croquet mallets.

Brady and Anne were playing "Mom and Dad" today. Brady came downstairs carrying a baby doll, he told us that "We had a baby." I asked if Mom had the baby and he said, "Yeah, she got bigger and had da baby." I then asked what they named her and he said, "Sarah." He had to leave to go buy a car seat and when he came back, they got pillows and blankets and laid in the living room floor pretending to sleep. I could watch and listen to them all day!
Jenna is so cold natured, she is always dragging a blanket outside to wrap herself up. She even had two shirts on and had to get her froggy blanket.
Laynee is 6 weeks old today. She sleeps all the time. I keep waiting for her awake times to be more often or longer but this week she has slept soundly more. Sometimes I still have trouble waking her to eat, but she is eating well. She reminds me of Bethany in this way, Bethany slept heavy all the time as a baby.
Still waiting for her to start smiling, again just like Bethany. I think Bethany was 3 months before she smiled at us.
 Joe always loves when our babies sleep on his stomach with their little arms around him. It's the sweetest thing. Anne LOVED sleeping on him like this and there were several months when he could calm her better then me by holding her tightly to his chest.
 Joseph is Laynee's best friend right now, if she makes a peep he rushes to get her. Several times a day I'll find him like this, especially if he's watching TV. He can't stand for her to cry. Yesterday I had him uncover Laynee in the pack n play, so she would start waking up to eat. She barely started to whimper and he went to get her, I told him not to pick her up because I wanted her to wake up really good and if her held her she would go back to sleep. She started to cry louder and he said, "Mommy, can I get her now?" He was so desperate to get her and hated listening to her.
I am doing good, last week life just picked up full speed ahead and it's been busy. I went to see my endocrinologist regarding my trainwreck of thyroid levels. I'm not absorbing Synthroid and I'm on a very high dose, so that a bit confusing. I thought is was due to pregnancy, taking Tums the last month before Laynee was born and just not taking it at the right time, but after 3 weeks of faithfully taking it, it wasn't much improved.
My endo has switched me to Armor and I'll see him in late October to check on my levels then. I was nervous about changing meds because my history with trying different meds isn't good but it's not like Synthroid is working either. I have had several friends tell me good things about Armor so that is encouraging.
I have felt better then the numbers would lead me to believe. I am tired but I do have a newborn, I have noticed in the last week and a half really bad brain fog. I'm forgetful and just really tired in my mind. It worries me a little that it's just my body slowly catching up to the fact that my thyroid is non existent and soon the exhaustion is going to hit like a ton of bricks. I remember that feeling so clearly and it's made me eager to get my house in order, just in case.
I am thankful that I've felt good and things have gone so well transitioning with Laynee. I have had my moments, afternoons, evenings and days of exhaustion and feeling out of sorts but I'm able to push on or thankfully bedtime is in sight. I've also learned to live with it too and that helps.
I am really, really thankful to be feeling so well considering and it is all a testimony of God's strength and provision to me. It's overwhelming to me to think of all that lies before me each day. I'm grateful that He graciously leads me and strengths me one day at a time. It is all more than I can handle or do on my own, it really is, all the glory goes to Him for sustaining me. It's not always easy but He is seeing me through!
It's Friday and it's fall weather, I'm one happy momma! Pretty soon we will be taking a trip to the pumpkin patch with Laynee as promised to Brady since spring, I can't wait!

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Wanting What I Have said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Bethany!!! Regarding wifi and apps...our older two have iPods and we use the security settings to block wifi, app purchases, in app purchases, etc. There are a few apps they haven't been able to play because of the blocked wifi, but that's a happy trade for us. :)