Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Remembering Grandma and keeping up with Anne

We had a snack in the backyard as the sun was setting last week. My kids still had peanut butter and jelly on their faces from, uh hum, supper.
I even brought Laynee outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.
We had lemonade from the Tupperware pitcher Grandma used to serve her grandkids lemonade from. The kids made a toast with some of her little glass cups I used to drink from at her house.
I miss her, especially when I think of Laynee not getting to be held by her. It's good to have memories, to have a few little things of hers come be apart of our home.
Laynee is growing every day, she started keeping those pretty eyes open longer this past weekend and smiled and smiled at her daddy! She looks at him when he gets home from work like she's glad to see him, it's pretty cute.
 I can't get Anne to keep anything in her hair. The little ragamuffin look is all hers right now.
This girl has been all kinds of trouble recently, into ev.er.y.thing! Dumping out oatmeal, coloring on the walls, pulling up boxes or stools or chairs to get wherever she please to get scissors or crayons or pencils or pens or nail polish or jars of peanut butter or clippers or whatever else strikes her fancy. She is a full time job and I already have several of those right now; newborn, homeschooling, accountant, housekeeper and cook.
Today, I walked into the kitchen where she was hollering for some one to come help her down. She had dumped the shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor so that she could use the crate to climb on the counter. After I put her down I realized she had scribbled with Sharpie all over the microwave! {It came right off with water and Norwex cloth! I'm becoming a consultant by the way, so if you want more info let me know! I am quickly starting to love Norwex.}
Then at naptime I heard her crying, went in her room to find her stuck between her crib and the wall. The wall that I heard her coloring at naptime last week, nothing like hearing writing on the walls 2 rooms away!
But, I can't help but love her to pieces!

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