Friday, October 10, 2014

Brady took his girl to the pumpkin patch

Brady has been looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch since we left last year. This past spring, he kept asking when we could go to the pumpkin patch and when Laynee was going to be born, both were looming things he impatiently wanted to happen. Eventually, he asked if Laynee would be here when we went to the pumpkin patch and then he started talking about how he was going to take her to the pumpkin patch. This past Sunday, he got to take Laynee and it was really special knowing that it was finally happening for him, we were all excited for Brady to take Laynee to the pumpkin patch.
Brady with his girl, he is always arguing with Joe, "She's my girl!
 Anne loves animals and bugs, her favorite things at the pumpkin patch were the pig and the goats. The pig kept squealing and grunting and she thought is was the neatest thing. We all walked away and she was still squatting next to his pen, looking at him and cried when we made her leave.
She liked feeding the goats. She is a fearless thing when it comes to animals and insects. She picked up a woolly worm the other day and held a frog that Joseph caught. I love it!
Brady was a big cheesy mess, he was a happy boy to be there.
Anne was sleepy on the hayride. Each of the kids picked out a small pumpkin in the patch. Brady picked out Laynee's, of course, he was beyond happy to get to do that! Her's had to be "wittle".
On the ride back, Joseph held Laynee. {sigh} This boy never ceases to melt my heart, don't tell Brady but I think Laynee is Joseph's girl. He holds her often and now she looks up at him so sweetly. She loves him.
I love this picture of Bethany, isn't she something?! I don't know what we'd do without her or Joseph they are such awesome oldest siblings. I wish I could have taken more pictures, most of the time I had Laynee in an Ergo and packing my big camera, unable to bend down and trying not to hit anyone in the head with with the lens, was a real chore.
The little kids looked forward to playing in the corn and the big kids loved the big slide, none of those pictures turned out.
This has been a busy but productive fall break. On Monday, I did the dreaded switching out clothes for fall and winter, NIGHTMARE! It was so needed and the kids rooms were long overdue a good clean out, though it feels like I just did it. Switching out 6 kids clothes and figuring out what is needed to piece together new wardrobes is awful enough, but their rooms were out of control too. I worked all day and we celebrated that night by dropping off 14 garbage bags of clothes, shoes, books and toys that we did not need! Made it all worth it.
I had my first Norwex party, we spent a day at Bernheim, we had a hot dog roast with friends, a family picnic, went shopping for needed clothes and shoes with the kids, bought Joseph some early birthday gifts of hunting clothes, {hoping he gets a deer this weekend} spent some time with new friends and tonight Joe and I are going out by ourselves.
I don't take this life for granted. The fact that our three year old's dream of taking his unborn sister to the pumpkin patch happened is such a blessing. The fact that I have 6 kids to to switch out clothes for, that they have clothes, that we can get clothes they need, that we can give excessive clothes, toys and books away...
The Lord is good, He provides abundantly for us, it happens in unexpected ways. There are times of need but He is always faithful. When God calls you to do something He is faithful to allow it and will provide. Never doubt His provisions, one of my favorite scriptures as a mother, a home owner, an automobile owner, an owner of things that break and need fixed and need replaced, a pantry stocker and wardrobe builder...
Psalm 37:25  
I was young and now I am old,
yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
or their children begging bread.

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