Friday, October 17, 2014

Warning: Crazy long post

This past week and a half, October weather has been dreary and rainy. I don't mind it so much but the sun shined today and I was happier. Several evenings the weather has been perfect for the kids to go and play, we could even leave the back door open so they can run in and out and we could hear them playing. I couldn't resist getting out there with them and taking pictures of them just having fun and enjoying the wind in their faces.
I'd love to invest a serious amount of time writing about these kids of ours, but time is limited. This is my fourth attempt at completing this post. I didn't even edit the pictures, I thought about not writing anything at all, just posting the pictures and letting that be enough.

This boy. He is something else, a mess. I came across this blog post from when he was 19 months and it blew me away how the boy he was then is still very much the boy he is now. My momma heart could just eat him up all day long in this post, you gotta go, just do it. Click the link, I'm telling you he is something else.
Joseph killed his first deer of the season, his second deer. He was six when he shot his first deer, an eight point buck. Last year, he hunted many hours with my dad but never had the opportunity.
 Last weekend was Youth Hunt, Saturday morning Joseph went hunting with my dad, they didn't see anything. That evening they went back and a six point buck came into the field. Joseph said he couldn't shoot is because he "had too much buck fever", as he said. He wanted to shoot it but couldn't calm down enough to stop shaking and aim the gun. The deer wandered off and a bit later does were playing and came into the field. One stayed behind and Joseph aimed the gun and shot a perfect shot, she fell right were she was standing. It was 135 yards from the tree stand to the doe! Joseph is a really good aim, just like the last time he killed a deer, he'd never shot this gun before, a 243.
The night before my dad had showed Joseph the bullets to the gun and they have purple tips. Joseph said they looked like lipstick and were going to be the kiss of death. When we arrived to look at his kill, he told us, "She got the kiss of death!" He was really excited, not sure who was happier though, my dad or Joseph.
I have memories of my dad and brothers getting deer, it was always an exciting time. I'm so thankful I get to live these moments with my son and he gets to live them with my dad. Seriously, this boy loves to hunt and he's good at it! Tomorrow he's hoping to get a buck with the muzzle loader, filling up the freezer sounds great to me.
Anne loves to wear the big girl's shoes. It's kinda annoying because every time they go to get their shoes they are strung somewhere throughout the house. It's something she does all day, everyday, pull out shoes and clop around the house in them.
LayneeK is growing! She weighed 11 lbs 6 oz and was 23 in long at her 2 month check up, 75% for both and her head is in 90%. She is still such a good baby. My only complaint, and I shouldn't even complain, is that she is wide awake and fidgety from 10pm-12 or 12:30pm. She isn't even fussy much, just wiggly and keeps spitting out her paci. Most of the time it's okay, Joe and I just take turns snuggling her in bed. This week my sleep has been really minimal and it was rough a few days not being able to crash in bed when I was wanted.
Oh my sweet girl...
She's an awesome bunch of lovin'.
I can. not. stop. taking pictures of Anne's curls. Even the hair in her face just gets me. She will not keep anything in it and I'm done trying.

Jenna recently discovered how much fun she can have with a scarf. She got a scarf and had to figure out all the different ways to wear it. Most of all she loves to play with it and dance with it, so sweet.
One of Brady's favorite things to do is play cars, especially Matchbox cars. Recently Joe bought him a couple new cars and himself a truck because Brady is nightly asking Joe to play cars with him.
Last weekend, Joe took Bethany with him to archery training, Joseph was hunting and my mom had Brady. I had the three youngest girls, we made moon sand and banana bread. It's so weird when I just have a few kids.
Tonight Joe went to Big Blue Madness, Joseph is staying with my parents because he's hunting tomorrow and the girls are having a sleep over. It's crazy when I realize that three of my kids are gone and I still have three, I have moments like this alot.
I told Joe in the store that other day that I'd take the girls, then I realized he only had two very easy boys and I had four girls. The math just gets me all the time. I'm counting heads every time we are in public and often I have to make myself remember if I have 5 or 6 kids. I don't know if anyone else understands what I'm saying, this is the first time I've had this issue transitioning to a new addition.
Brady remembered a night when he didn't get to stay somewhere, all the older kids did and he stayed in our bed, ate snacks and watched Curious George. He asked if he could do that tonight. I told him yes, but planned to put Anne to bed. Well, she knew exactly what he planned and when we got home tonight, first thing she said was, "I get in your bed and gonna watch George and eat snack."
 All those Duplo blocks on the night stand are Brady's creations he built for Joe. I had forgotten that Joseph use to so the same thing.
These two live high on the hog, they are pretty inseparable. If he's laughing hysterically, so is she and if he's having a melt down she is right there with him. Anne will butt heads with him and stand up for herself, she doesn't back down to Brady but he is the leader and she follows him. It is obvious that she feels very safe with Brady and trust him. Their relationship is special, very similar to Bethany and Joseph's.
The night Joseph killed the deer, he came home and we were all excited. Joe and I were trying to get him to tell us all about it again. Bethany had gone to a birthday party and all he wanted to do was talk to Bethany. The two of them sat on the love seat telling each other all about their evenings. She would tell him a piece of info and he's ask a question. It was really sweet, I turned to Joe and said, "Are you seeing this?"
After staying in our bed for a bit, I suggested making them a tent so that they could sleep in the same room.
After "reading" some books, Brady believes he can read, they were out. I am quickly starting to cherish these times of having 2 or 3 of my kids at a time. It's crazy that 3 kids is an opportunity to spend quality time with them.

If you've read this far, bless your heart! I know it was a little chaotic getting here, hope you have a great weekend.

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