Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Because fall is my favorite

November arrived. This means coffee with whip cream, voting, apple cider by the gallon, napping while leaves fall and soaking up the last of the warm sun rays. I'm still working on finishing out winter wardrobes with winter coats, needing to buy leggings and socks, preping for photo shoots and Norwex shows. Joseph's going hunting and turning 9, Laynee is growing, Anne is perfecting pottying, Brady is working on counting and Bethany will probable read another 10 books. Thanksgiving is coming and in my heart.

So many reasons to just soak in each day and rest in the moment, despite the messy school room or the 7 loads of laundry that I keep rewashing because I keep leaving them in the washer. Despite my tired, sleep-walking self and the dishwasher that really doesn't clean dishes but I load it again anyway. Despite scribbles on walls and chapstick in carpet, despite grocery trips with forgotten items and my dirty floors and dirty fridge.
It's the distractions of everyday living and surviving that turn into stolen joy and lost moments. I have to keep reminding myself to take deep breaths and sometimes close my eyes, so that when I open them I see what really matters and what really is beautiful.
This life is beautiful.


HIS daughter said...

This made me smile :) It was a good reminder to remember that there is beauty and joy in the chaos of everyday with my two under two :)
Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Can I marry Brady when he grows up? :) Love that little guy!

Thanks for your honest post! Your heart for what's worthwhile is so.very.beautiful and such an inspiration!

Love you friend!