Friday, November 7, 2014

Birthday boy

Joseph is 9 today, nine!
I had a Norwex show last night and when I got home Joe had the kids in bed. Normally, that is just fine with me, but I realized that I didn't get to hug Joseph one last time while he was 8. I went upstairs and he and Brady were still awake talking. I told him I needed to give him one more hug and he gave me the biggest, tightest hug. Aw, this boy, he still gives the greatest hugs! He will always be my sugar boy.
He requested french toast for breakfast. For supper we had spaghetti, his favorite, with venison from his recent kill. He asked for pumpkin desert. He got a Lego set, gloves for hunting and some UK shirts for his birthday.
 The girls planned a surprise party for him this morning before he woke up. They made a banner that read, Happy Bday, hung up some sheets, played board games and ate left over candy from fall festival. All this happened before I came out of my room this morning. Bethany gave him a back massage too, he's pretty special to all of us.
I recently wrote on instagram that it seems like he should be older than he is because he thinks of others and takes care of Laynee. Most precious boy ever.
I don't know how we got here, I mean seriously wasn't he just turning 3?! I guess the memories of my screaming, colicky baby have faded alot, it does seem like forever ago.
Watching him growing has been such a gift. He is truly a very special boy with a heart so big. I'm excited to be here. Having a nine year old that likes to whittle comes in handy when it's time to peel potatoes. :) He dependable, a helper, a deep thinker and some one we all count on in our family.
I just think he is the absolute bestest! Love you always George!

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