Thursday, November 27, 2014

From my Instagram

I'm not getting to spend #thanksgiving the way I'd hoped. Instead of wearing a new dress and eating yummy food at my in laws, I'm in bed with a sore, swollen throat, an achy body and a fever! #boo 
Regardless, I have so much to be thankful for this year. I'm thankful for our #layneekathleen Thankful that God saw fit to add her to our family, for her healthy arrival and answered prayers. Prayers to not have to give myself insulin or have a csection. I'm thankful for our 12 passenger van. I'm thankful for Norwex and how God has used it meet financial needs and also how much I've enjoyed selling it. I'm thankful for Joe and the way he makes every day meaningful, I'm thankful for how he encourages me and builds me up. I'm thankful for our never-long-enough times of just the two of us. I'm thankful for Anne being potty trained. I'm thankful for our church, it's an answer to years of prayer. I'm thankful for the teaching and friendships and support it gives our family. I'm thankful that Joe's back is better and that he didn't have to have surgery. I'm thankful for snow covering the ground today. I'm thankful for Jenna sounding out simple words like f-o-x and l-i-k-e. I'm thankful for our #sixkids for God's daily help in mothering them. I'm thankful I get to live this life, be Bethany, Joseph, Jenna, Brady, Anne and Laynee's mom and be Joe's wife. I'm thankful for my last visit with my grandma before she went to heaven. I'm thankful for Pandora, coffee, that our 11 year old washer and dryer keep right on working, for new friends and old ones. I'm thankful for my family, that our thanksgiving was last week and my brother was in from Guatemala. I'm thankful for my niece #kenleyjoy who turns one today with her family in Guatemala. I'm thankful that God plans bigger and better dreams for us than we can only begin to live when we choose to walk by faith and believe that He is good and He is best! I'm thankful for all He's given me and those I love and at the very top of the list, salvation.

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