Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Laynee ~ 3 months

Was that snowday just yesterday? 
Wow, this momma is tired and the snowday feels at least two days ago. I'm ready for bed, actually in bed, but wanted to post a few pictures of Laynee real quick.
 You know it's cold in our house when I put socks on the baby and myself! Hello Winter and heat running 24/7.

Our girl is growing, her cheeks are firming and plumping right up! She favors Joseph a lot and Jenna and Brady quite a bit, I see Joe in her more than anybody though. She looks like her daddy!

Last week, Laynee found her fist and chews on it often now. She is normally such a good baby, very happy. Today she was fussier, especially as I was trying to get some pictures of her. Bad mommy ate beans last night that didn't agree with her.
I got a couple of little smiles, even if one is hidden behind a paci and the other is blurry...sweet none the less.

I can't believe she's 3 months old already! Such precious times with this baby girl, I could just smell her and kiss her cheeks always!

Things are wild in this house, some one is always into something and aside from that it's a big job making and cleaning up after 3 meals a day, keeping clothes clean and kids in clean clothes. Oh, and I homeschool so one child struggles with word problems, while the other is learning multiplication and my struggling reader, bless her heart, is making gains but painful none the less. 
I'm starting to see that this whole having 6 kids thing, all under 10 is a huge task. I know, crazy I'm just now getting that, right?! But I'm serious, the grocery shopping, seems to be never enough. I told Joe this week, I wish we had a pantry because we are almost to the point of buying our food in bulk, like an entire case of canned green beans instead of 6 cans at at time. The hallways, and rooms in our house are shrinking, somebody is always under foot and recently we all sat down to watch TV and realized there weren't enough seats on the couches, thus I've been browsing Craigslist for a sectional... It's normal to have these sudden surges in what we use, I remember feeling this same way, in this same house when Brady was born. 
For me, it's about figuring out where we can cut back or eliminate to create more space in our house and our budget. It is very possible, our house is plenty big. We aren't in need of more space to store more stuff, we just need to simplify. I have an itch to move around some rooms and consolidate our school room into our downstairs so that we have an extra bedroom upstairs. It's going to be a headache of a task, shuffling closets and books and beds! I can't decide if I want to do this before or after Christmas, we shall see.

All this to say, I wish I had made more time for pictures of Laynee in the past 3 months, time is sparse. Today all I managed was pulling back the curtains, opening the blinds and laying her on the bed, and I'm so happy I did.

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