Monday, November 17, 2014

Snowday in November, Yes Please!

First snowday of the season, it was also Monkey's first time out in the snow. Anne had to bring him and then was worried when he had snow all over him.
 The kids started a snowman and Joe quickly jumped in to help them complete it. We didn't have a bunch of snow but it was perfect for building a snowman.
 Brady wasn't so crazy about snow blowing in his face...

He was happy with socks on his hands, I have no idea where our gloves go in the summer, only that they never come back.
 Anne and I lasted about 5 minutes and then we were back inside with Laynee. Anne drank hot chocolate and watched Little Bear while everyone else played.
We Pi cked up around the house, listened to some Christmas music, supper is in the crock-pot, I made the coffee extra strong, Joe caught up on the laundry and vacuumed the living room, there has been some crazy rowdy wrestling with Daddy, too much TV watching and we've both spent some extra time cuddling Laynee in the recliner.
Great Monday if you ask me!

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