Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 highlights of 2014

1. Snuggling Laynee in my robe the day she was born for hours and hours. Such a blissful ending to my hard pregnancy and marathon labor. Best feeling in the world!
2. Joe and I renewing our vows at a Weekend to Remember in March. It was a very special moment for me, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by Joe's love and commitment to me.
3. The moments when all the kids met Laynee. We unwrapped her and marveled at God's faithfulness. Everyone was thrilled to hold her and excited to welcome our newest family member.
4. The evening I drove home after having one last visit with my Grandma. On my way home, a got the call that she had gone to heaven. The sunset was incredible and I was so thankful I thought my heart would burst.
5. Watching Joe feed his Mawmaw breakfast. A precious moment before she went to heaven.
6. Getting our 12 passenger van and rejoicing in God's faithful provisions.
7. Taking a train ride with just our two boys and Brady rubbing my belly with Laynee inside. He told me he was tickling her and how much he loved her and me, just an amazing moment.
8. Jenna learning to read and recently, on the last day of this past semester, when she read words with silent e's and phonetic blends. I'm really grateful for the gains she has made and proud of her for always being carefree.
 9. My number one girl, my dear daughter, turned 10! Such a milestone, so much to celebrate and so much to savor. I'm overwhelmed to be her mom.
10. One thing that stands out strong in my mind is the lesson I've learned this year about friendship. I've been blessed with women in my life, new friends and old, who have taught me how to give sacrificially and tangibly. Women who have come to my aid, bringing meals. Women I didn't really know dropping food off at my door when I was miserably pregnant and after Laynee arrived. They blessed my heart more than they will ever know. You know who you are! Thank you sweet, dear friends, you all shine Jesus.

2014 has been amazing, it's more than I have time to write here. If I did have time I'd tell you how thankful I am for all that the Lord has done. He is good. 2015 is starting off with my heart heavy, life is hard. I'm carrying alot of unanswered questions and burdened for people I love dearly. I know that God is faithful, I know that He will see me and them through. It's hard to not want to just be through all the uncertainty and waiting, but I know that He is at work and in His time he makes all things new, even broken things.
Happy New Year friends!

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