Monday, December 29, 2014

Fierce at four

BradyBoy is now four years old! Where does the time go? These years just fly past! Wasn't he just snuggled up next to me in the hospital room? That snowy December night he was born couldn't have been 4 years ago already?! I just started calling him Bubba and Bubba just turned one, this can't be!
I'm late blogging about his birthday because we had internet issues for most of December, glad to be back. And, since I've slacked at blogging I'll go ahead and confess that, yes, his present wasn't wrapped. Oops!
A few days before Brady's birthday we celebrated with some friends of ours. Brady and his friend Si, both turned four this month and we had cupcakes with candles to blow out. Fun times! These boys are perfect together.
The night before Brady's birthday I was out of the house all evening and the kids were in bed when I came home. I went upstairs to give Brady one last hug and kiss while he was three. The boys were both still awake, I hugged and kissed Brady and told him how big he is getting and how much I love him. I also said, "Your getting so big you aren't going to fit in my lap anymore!" I didn't think anything of it and talked about how excited I was that he was going to be four in the morning.
The next morning, after I'd wished him a happy birthday and hugged him up and he'd eaten breakfast, I was sitting nursing Laynee. He came over and sat on the arm of the chair like he does often. I mentioned how big he was, being 4, and he said, "Yeah, and I still fit in your lap!" I agreed and he said, "Joseph told me, I'm not too big to sit in your lap!" I realized something had happened so I agreed and said, "Why did Joseph tell you that?" "Because, I was crying last night, because you said I couldn't sit in your lap anymore." My heart sank and I asked Joseph about it and he said, "Yeah, he was crying and crying last night because he thought he was too big to sit in your lap." I clarified that he will never be too big to sit in my lap, he can always sit with me. It was such a sad thing to know I had caused him to cry about that, but it was really sweet that he was that upset about it too.
We decided to celebrate Brady's birthday by going to Nashville to do some shopping and to see the lights at Gaylord Opryland Hotel. His birthday was a blast for all of us.
We ate lunch at Chuy's and supper at Cracker Barrel, that's a big deal in itself. My parents went with us, which is always added fun, and we splurged and took the boat ride inside the hotel.
Seeing the nativity outside and hearing the reading of the Christmas story was really neat, so beautiful. Brady was given the honor of pushing every single button of the day, so he most enjoyed the elevator rides.
Our smiling boy. {sigh}
He is just the brightest blessing, love him inside and out. I can see that he is really growing and changing, so quickly. I'm trying hard to savor and soak him up. He's a busy boy, he's rough and loves to wrestle with pretty much anyone who will play with him, but especially Joe. There is nothing gentle about him, his love is fierce.
He is precious. He tells me he loves me multiple times a day. he gives me kisses on the lips multiple times a day, per his insisting that I have to give him a kiss. He tells me I'm beautiful at random times. His heart is even bigger than his giant smile and it's filled with so much love.
I thank God for this BradyBoy of mine. I can't believe I get to be his mom, 4 years, flying by!

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