Friday, January 16, 2015

Just another week of January, in pictures

I have a few minutes while the three oldest are doing math, Laynee is napping and Brady and Anne are playing Mom and Dad. There are beds I could make, dishes sitting in the sink, the dryer will be going off soon and I definitely need a shower sometime before a Norwex party tonight...Just a few minutes to post.
I have intentionally taken more pictures of everyday life, because I needed it. I needed to be reminded of the beauties beyond the messes.I needed the clearer perspective that this life of mine is full of God's good things, abundantly full.
One of the greatest things that I have come to love about God, since becoming a mother, is that His mercies are new every morning.
I do wash Anne's face, and her sticky fingers, we do own matching socks and clothes... I just can't seem to stay current with her always changing wardrobe
all day long.
His arms are always full. When Daddy is home and sitting there are always at least one, but usually two, little people in his lap. It's also a fully functioning workspace, you don't just sit, you bring something with you! Mommy does not have this superpower, I don't even try!
Bethany and Anne now share a room, the house is somewhat in order but still a big mess from moving things around. We took the rail off Anne's bed and she really likes it and does good about sleeping.
Brady now has reading glasses...
he's serious about the reading glasses.
With the start of the new year and trying to carve out a more solid bedtime routine with family time and reading, we've been crashing in Bethany's room at night. It's a sweet time that none of us will have an easy time breaking the habit, it's been one of the highlights of January for me.
 I've wanted it to snow so badly and yesterday it finally did, all of us were excited to see snow and the kids played in it for several hours.
Now, Anne does not have cuts and scrapes on her face, just some of the EVERlasting lip stick that I bought for the Bethany for play make up. Umm, yeah, not the brightest moment of my life.

And yes, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Anne, her toddler face is precious.
Brady does have a winter coat...
 ...but I lost that battle, so this was the first set of clothes he wore out of about 3 different trips in to change. I chose to take pictures instead of fight.
I've been listening to this song on repeat... drinking lots of water trying to get energy without caffeine... but I think I may just be replacing it with sugar... I'm rubbing on essential oils... keeping my camera close... and always hoping for a nap that never happens... excited about my Norwex business... needing to finish organizing the house... been cooking soups and hot suppers... crashing on the couch and talking to Joe after the kids are in bed for the night...
It's a three day weekend for our family, I'm thrilled! Hoping for some extra sleep and I'm wishing for more snow because yesterday's is gone now.

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