Saturday, January 3, 2015

Laynee's first Christmas

The tree came down today, always a relief and a little disappointing too. Removing ornaments makes me think of what life could be like the next time I get them out, so much unknown. Swirling thoughts, fear and the reality of how out of control I am can creep in so quickly. I have to remember, that God is in control and that is so much safer then me being in control. I do believe that whatever happens, He will take care of me, sometimes I just have to remind myself of that.
Our Christmas was very blessed. We are all so thankful to have stayed healthy, no pneumonia or flu this Christmas. I can't say enough how grateful we all felt to be healthy after the past 2 very sick Christmas' we had.
Laynee's first Christmas...
She definitely liked looking at the lights. She is growing healthy. I'm amazed at how good she is, such a sweet soul. If she is hungry, she is patient. I don't know how she could make the fact that she is the youngest of 6 any easier for us.
Laynee is a contented girl, she is quiet and ever happy. She brings us immeasurable joy and we don't know what we ever did without her big smile and bright eyes. This girl gets alot of love from everybody!
Bethany is Anne's biggest buddy right now. Anne runs to Bethany when she gets in trouble, it's pretty funny really. Bethany is sweet with Anne and babies her rotten. I'm certainly not complaining. Sibling love is the most precious thing, what house can have too much of that?!
Christmas Eve's Eve the kids opened up their new pj's after going caroling to neighbors and family. Christmas pj's and family caroling are two of the few Christmas traditions we have.

 Brady and Anne were being too funny and cute together. They go together like pb and j. I can't get over how cute the two of them are to listen to as they play or watch them sit in the same chair watching TV. These days are special for sure.
We have our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning most years because of family Christmas' that evening and Christmas day.
 The kids were up at 7 and ready to tear into presents.
 The girls loved their Elsa and Anna dresses.
I did more videoing than picture taking. Anne got a new kitchen and it was Brady's favorite gift! They both were super excited about it.
What a special first Christmas for Laynee! This momma is very blessed.

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