Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We had a somewhat unexpected snowfall last Friday night, in Kentucky you never know about snow. If it's supposed to snow a bunch it'll disappoint us and this time it wasn't supposed to accumulate much and we had 5 inches in a few hours! Snow is a treat, because most of the time it doesn't come through.
The kids were watching it out the window, it was coming down likes white feathers, so beautiful. After supper, they asked to go out and play in it. It was already dark but I have lots of fun memories of playing and sledding in the snow at night so I said yes. Best yes, I've given them in a long time.
I went out with the five oldest at first, the snow was wet and perfect for making a snowman. The kids insisted on making a fort, so we rolled huge snowballs and put them in a circle for their fort. It went pretty quickly.
Bethany hadn't wanted to go out at first, Joseph and I told her she had to come out and soon after we were out there, she said, "Tell Daddy to get his rear end out here, he's missin' all the fun!" Joseph and I had a good laugh that she hadn't wanted to be out there a few minutes before. It was good to see her having a good time and hear all the kids laughter and yells echoing off the snow.
 Anne and I were in first under an electric blanket.
The kids were ready to go back out the next morning, it was beautiful!
 I took this picture of Bethany and she said, "We didn't come out here to take pictures Mommy!"
 The first thing Brady did when he stepped off the deck was lay in the snow and make a snow angel, he LOVES making snow angels.
Almost every night, he prays and thanks God that "we will get ta go to heaven and get to pway with da animals." Last night he prefaced it with, "after we get old". When we asked which animals he would play with and some one suggested playing with bears, he said, "Dere's no bears in heaven!" We asked him what kinds were there and he said, "Giraffes-es".
 Jenna is not known at our house for being a hard worker, but she worked really hard making a couple of the big snowballs for the fort. We were all really proud of her, it was a difficult job for her but she did great.
 One picture of this boy, Joseph was too busy for pictures. He loved the snow, Bethany and him both played in the snow for hours, like 3-4 hours on Saturday. It was so good to see them playing hard.
Brady and Anne are best buds and they don't even know it. Both of them are growing and changing, it's incredible to watch these two.
 Bethany yelled, "Hey, Mommy! Come take my picture." I had to laugh, I am savoring these days with this ten year old girl, she's hitting the difficult years and I'm not sure who it's hitting harder, me or her. It's made me sad, but I keep looking back at all we've been through. I remind myself to take a deep breath and take it one. day. at. a. time. This season may be new but it's a gift just like all the rest.

Seriously, it was such a fun time with my kids. We all needed this snow and the time out of the house.
I just downloaded this song to my playlist.

Life has been hard and yet, still so good! God is good, always! I'm so grateful that He is always near, always provides and always can be trusted. I'm clinging to Him for dear life, I hope you know what I'm talking about, because I don't know how I'd ever make it without Him. If you need help finding Him, send me an email.
Thanks for reading and sharing our life!

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Wow..nice photos.Thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful moments with us .