Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ending another snow day

Anne usually doesn't watch much TV but right before she got sick she started liking Daniel Tiger. Last night, she slept in the living room in the Pack N Play while Joe and I slept on the couches. Neither of us got much sleep but in between me taking care of her and drifting off for a few minutes at a time, I turned one episode after another of Daniel Tiger on for her. She was able to lay and watch it when she wasn't getting sick.
It's been on most of today too because it's the only thing that helps quiet her crying and complaining about wanting a drink or wanting out of the Pack N Play.
Bethany, Joseph and Jenna love the potty episode and crack up laughing every time it comes on. Joseph observed that Daniel and his dad wear pants with pj's but not with clothes. Shirts with shoes and no pants. 😂
Bethany and Jenna made Anne a get well banner first thing this morning. I don't know that Anne appreciated it but it brightened my morning after a loooong night of very little sleep and morning coming too early.
Monkey is Anne's ever present stuffed animal. Every time she vomited she would call it "c-uking" and say, "Monkey! Mommy move Monkey, I not cuke on him!"
Bethany made brownies today. We've been eating too much comfort food.
Brownies, chocolate snow cream, snow cones and doughnuts. We've had coffee all day and decaf coffee in the evenings. It's how we're coping and surviving and staying sane with the sicknesses.
Joseph and I getting out to get milk and bread and laundry detergent this morning.
Brady is still struggling with his belly hurting this evening the pain is less constant. Anne still can't keep anything down but she perked up a little bit ago for a few minutes. 😢 Poor thing is still vomiting every time she gets a drink of Sierra Mist, it's been over 24 hours.
Frozen is on now. It's been Andy Griffith Show when Anne drifted off but when she was awake it was Daniel Tiger.
The washer and dryer have been running all day, all week really. 
We brought our kerosine heater in to help give our funace a break from running constantly. It's not a fireplace, but it's warmth feels good.
The girls have played dolls and Joseph has played Legos and shot on his over the door basketball hoop, on the front door.
We've folded laundry and cleaned and sprayed. 

My favorite time of day has been when the sunsets and when the light falls, glowing in the kitchen.

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