Thursday, March 5, 2015

March snow

My girl out in the snow this morning! Made me so happy to see her excited about our second major snow storm! There is a video on my Instagram of her falling, makes me laugh every time I watch it. The snow, from over 2 weeks ago, just melted on Tuesday and then last night was got about 17 inches, give or take, with drifts as high as 3 feet.
I stayed in with Brady, Anne and Laynee and took pictures of the kids from inside the house. It was too deep for Brady and Anne to go out, surprisingly they didn't care and were happy to stay inside, watch TV and play Mom and Dad.
Joe bought donuts yesterday to prepare for our snow days, Anne had sugar around her mouth all morning. She watched the kids outside alot too. Her clothes are almost always on backwards. Yesterday at the grocery, I notice her pants and her shirt were on backwards. I am completely in love with her, she is so lovable and kissable.
Joseph made a snow angel.
Bethany fell into a ditch...
 Joseph helped her up.
Joseph was laying, in the snow, under the window eating a huge ice cycle.
I was sewing up dress up clothes and Brady and Anne wanted to watch TV. Brady wanted to watch Thomas and Anne wanted to watch Daniel Tiger. I asked them who was going to let the other person go first and Anne said Brady could watch his show first, I was impressed.
At lunch, Brady asked me to cut his pbj's in triangles and Anne wanted hers in squares.
The big kids came in and had hot chocolate while their clothes dried in the dryer. It wasn't long before they were ready to go back out.
I slipped some shoes on and took some pictures from the almost cleared driveway. Joe went out about 10 to work on shoveling our driveway, ended up cleaning our neighbors drive first and a path so he could feed his dogs. Combined he was outside probably 8 hours, most of them continuous. Our drive was really drifted in places, almost 3 feet.
 Before he started shoveling there was a 3 ft drift, as he shoveled it was about 5 ft. The kids started climbing on it and sledding down it. He continued to add to it and it's even bigger and higher now.
 Love Bethany's face in all of these...
Laynee has made some accomplishments this week, getting to be such a big girl. We got the highchair in from the garage, she really likes sitting in it.

I gave her a sippycup and juice for the first time yesterday, she LOVES it. This is a first for me, usually the sippycup takes work, but I think she would drink water without hesitation.
Thankful to be home safe and warm. The nearby interstate shut down last night and people have been stranded for hours and hours. I'm grateful Joe has a job were we can be home. He was out of school yesterday too, and although the snow didn't come in as early as they thought, it afforded us time to go to the grocery.
Being in school until June isn't going to be fun, but I do enjoy having snow days and unexpected time with Joe. It's always good to stay home and enjoy our family at a slower pace. And, thankfully, without the stomach virus this time!
Hopefully this is the last snow and spring will be coming soon. I'm know everyone is ready.
Today though, it was nice to have chocolate snow cream after we had chicken potpie for supper. To have an opportunity to help our neighbor. To see Bethany's face completely lit up with excitement. I'm just really grateful.

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