Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

We are so happy to welcome April, showers, downpours, puddles and all! It's been full of rain and more rain with thunder and lightening but it's not snow and my kids don't mind a bit. Actually, they all enjoyed soaking their shoes in the deepest puddles on the way out of church tonight. The grass is turning green and earlier this week we had some really pretty weather and spent an afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine.

March was bursting with a filled calender, actually life has felt way too hectic and busy. We are trying to slow down and find a more comfortable pace but April is going to be a whirlwind too. Joe and I both have felt incredibly rushed and stressed and he even said the other night, "It feels like we are business partners." because all we do is discuss where we have to be going or what we need to be doing next. Tomorrow we are going on a date, it's probably terrible to admit that I've thought about making a list of things we need to talk about and goals we need to set. Life has been way too crazy for us, I do not like running through life at a wide open pace. My body can't keep up first of all and I hate feeling like I'm missing opportunities to enjoy the little things or to truly be present.
Tonight we went to a Good Friday experience at our church and it was moving for all of us. The kids took so much away from it. They loved touching, tasting, smelling and seeing the things that remind us of Christ' journey to the cross and burial.
At the end, we were to fill out a paper with a sin we struggle with, each of the kids identified something they would write. When I asked Brady what was a sin he does that Jesus paid the price for on the cross, he paused, said, "Hmm," then confidently said,"Killing people." Joe and I tried to muffle our laughter, but it was so funny! I acknowledged that is a sin Jesus forgives but not one he himself commits so then he came up with "hitting Anne". Watching him and Anne nail their papers with the sin they identified, both fighting with siblings, was the most meaningful moment for me. Anne was determined to do it herself and she knelt down and hammered her nail into the cross. As a parent, I was flooded with gratitude for their eternal freedom in Christ and forgiveness of their sin. I pray that as they continue to grow in understanding, they will fully accept Christ and surrender their hearts to Him and His purpose.
After leaving, we asked the kids their favorite part or what stood out and Brady said getting to nail his paper to the cross and when I asked him what it meant he said, "Because God died on the cross fer my sin." He's 4! And Joseph said, "I guess I just never really think about what Jesus really did for me and I think this is the first time I really get it. I don't think I'll ever be that way again."

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