Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring break and back to reality

Last week was Spring break, oh how I would've loved a second week of that! It was so good to slow down and enjoy time with Joe home. It was supposed to rain everyday, even though it did rain quite a bit, it seemed the sun came out a little each day.
Our break started with Easter, which was a beautiful day to celebrate our risen Savior. We had a great time with both of our families. We were even somewhat successful at a picture via self-timer.
Our week was spent, drinking our coffee slow each morning, driving around looking at land, trying to figure out if it's the right time for us to start the process of moving, the kids playing outside for hours on end and eating breakfast at the local donut shop twice.
Bethany hung curtain she made out of aprons in the playhouse.
We went shopping for soccer cleats and enjoyed a long afternoon at Bernheim. It was sunny with some showers, the kids had fun playing in the rain and the creek. Anne was a sleep in the van at first but eventually woke up and loved playing in the creek too.
 After it started raining I put my camera away and just used my cell phone. Brady's favorite thing was toting the biggest rocks he could find out of the creek, to the bank and then throwing them back in. He carried some really heavy rocks and was so proud of himself.

Bethany and Joseph had been conniving to camp out in the backyard. It was finally somewhat warm enough so Joe told them they could. Neither of us really figured they would make it out there the entire night, but they did, two nights in a roll!
It's tough as a parent making decisions like this, I mean it may seem minor but it felt very unsafe and risky. Joe and I both had reservations about them sleeping outside because of lack of privacy from living in a neighborhood, but they had a blast. It was a needed bonding experience for the two of them and I'm so glad Joe agreed to let them do it.
When I was out snapping pictures of them the next morning Anne rolled out of the bed and house wearing her favorite dress, backwards, with two mismatched boots on the wrong feet of course. The bedhead was perfect too.
The day we went shopping for soccer cleats, Anne had climbed up and sat on the railing of the our deck when all the kids were playing outside. She fell about 5 ft and hurt her back. She cried for a long time and whined for hours while we were shopping. It was obvious nothing major was hurt but she was pitiful. We had prayed for her to feel better and suddenly when we were climbing in the van to go to another store she said, "My backs better! It doesn't hurt anymore!"
That evening we were all worn out from her whiny self, it was a hard day for her. After she got a bath, I let her watch Daniel Tiger in my bed for a little while.
As I shared on Instagram yesterday, it was a rough start back to reality. I had a rough day of motherhood, chasing messes and meltdowns and just dragging. I was probably dragging because I only drank about half my coffee before it was abandoned because I had urgent things to tend to. 
At lunch, Joseph came carrying my coffee mug, saying he found it in Brady's bed and that Brady and mainly Anne had finished it off! I'm not kidding, those two are into everything! I spent the afternoon shoulder deep in decluttering and cleaning the boys room. After it was almost finished, Brady and Anne came in with a Ziploc bag, opened up his sock drawer and started putting pairs of socks into the bag. After stopping them and asking them what they were doing, the two of them chimed together and said, "We're playin' Mom and Dad!" That is exactly what they do all day long, this is like the only act of 100 that I was able to stop them in because the rest of the time, I'm too busy doing other things to stop them. If I hadn't, there would have been 23 socks spread in 23 difference places in the house.
Today has gone much smoother but it's still very much a life with 6 kids, which I'm absolutely crazy, grateful to live. At nap time, Brady and Anne and I were thrilled to see Anne's treasured Monkey on the cover of a new to us Little Golden Book. I keep a box of Little Golden books, that I collect from yard sales. Everyday at nap time they take turns choosing a book. This book was recently added from a box of books a friend passed to us.
Richard Scarry sure had not idea he was illustrating Anne's Monkey, we thought it was too neat. All the illustrations are really cute and funny too.
 We thought Monkey was left in the mall last week when we had gone shopping and Anne wasn't feeling good so we let her take him in the stores. When we realized we couldn't find him and he may be lost forever, we all got really sick. Tgankfully he was just hiding really hard in the van!
 I'm not gonna lie, this motherhood race can be exhausting. I'm so grateful this life is mine though! I was reminded of this scripture this morning along with this quote and both were exactly the kick in the pants I needed.

Philippians 3:14
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

"Enjoy it today, or enjoy it never." ~ Jen Hatmaker

Now off for my first shower since Sunday morning and then soccer practice. I don't know what's for supper because I've been blogging instead of cooking. No time to proof read or spell check, grace is welcome.

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