Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The calendar has been full and pictures to prove it

We've been busy bees around here, April was a whirlwind and I planned on things slowing in May but they haven't. Why am I surprised? I say this every month, don't I?!
My sister married in April, that was alot of time, chaos, fun and laughter.
All of our kids were in her wedding along with 7 other nieces. It was soo cute!
Brady and Anne were precious together, I would totally agree to keeping them this age forever!
Anne turned 3 the day after Carrie's wedding. It was a simple birthday, we had a picnic in the backyard under the shade tree after church and friends over to eat cake and ice cream. She was pleased with a new dress up dress and I wished all her birthdays could be so easy.
Her vocabulary is growing each day and I love to listen to her talking to anyone about anything. She is very dependent on Brady, she likes to be with him and near him but she is also very independent and knows what she wants. Her and Brady play well together and have a volatile relationship all in the same day, everyday. She still loves her Monkey and is very attached to him. Brady and her love playing house together, she likes to read books and is happy making messes with Brady. Oh, the messes! One of her favorite things to do is swing on her belly. She's the perfect size and loves swinging.

My birthday is 5 days after Anne's. I knew it was going to be a busy day, with soccer games in the morning. Sickness had been in our house and I worried someone else was going to come down with strep on my birthday. The day before my birthday, I decided, since everyone was feeling good and it was a beautiful day, to drive to Bernheim for a picnic lunch. Joe was working, but I wanted to do something special just in case my birthday was a bust.
I'd been wanting to make time to use my Cannon and it was one of the best times I've had with the kids in a long time. We spread a blanket in the shade and stayed in the same area for several hours. The kids climbed trees and watched baby geese and I took pictures.
Bethany wanted to take some pictures of me and I'm glad she did.
I'm so thankful I get to share another year of life with Joe and my kids. It just keeps getting better, the fact that time goes so quickly is definitely bittersweet and each year I find myself learning to enjoy each day and savor these moments more fully. It's all we can do, all we have is today.
After we left the park, I treated the kids to slushies for my birthday. Such a simple thing, it cost $8, but everyone was so happy. Life had been too busy and taking time to just be with my kids and let us all rest and enjoy some downtime was the best birthday present I have ever given myself. Most years I don't give myself anything, but from now on I will give myself this gift more often than just my birthday.
It's important in this chaotic, crazy, hectic, house wrecked season of a million responsibilities of motherhood to take time and celebrate the fact that I'm doing it. That we are making it, to remind myself I'm happy to be here, I'm blessed to be here and that these kids of mine are really fun to hang out with.
No one was sick on my birthday! We had soccer games in the morning, Joe and I had a sitter for a few hours and went out for Mexican food and a little shopping. We came home and watched the Derby and had ice cream and brownies Bethany made for me.
Jenna lost her first tooth! Of course is was at 9PM but it's tradition that we go out for ice cream, so we woke Laynee, loaded up in our pj's and went for drive thru ice cream. I think the kids have learned to time losing teeth for bedtime.
5 days after my birthday it's Jenna's birthday! 3 birthdays in 10 days. This year it was Jenna's Golden Birthday, she turned 7 on the 7th.
We had a prior commitment on her birthday so we celebrated with friends that evening with a red velvet cake she made and put on the icing all by herself.
The next day, Jenna had a Golden Birthday party with Bethany and her cousins, Maddie and Mylee.
 They made toasts to Jenna.
Afterwards that played in the sprinkler. Such a fun time!
Soccer season has started, it's Brady's first year and he loves it! Bethany's favorite sport to play is soccer, she is really good and has so much determination on the soccer field. She hated basketball so turning her loose on the soccer field was like watching a bird fly from it's cage. It's super fun watching all of them play. Jenna and Brady are on the same team and they both enjoy it.
We have been preparing for end of year testing. It's the last 3 days this week.
Laynee just turned 9 months last week, I don't have a clue where 9 months went. This was her first time sitting in a shopping cart.
We are so thankful for this warm sunshine and pretty green grass and trees. Summer break will be here before long and we are trying to put the brakes on and clear our schedule to really enjoy it stop running from one place to the next. I feel like all we do is look for lost shoes 10-15 minutes before leaving the house. As crazy as this might sound, doing that 2 and 3 times a day, 6-7 times a week will really create a stressful home.
I want my house more peaceful again. We finished reading a biography about William Carey yesterday. Having time to read aloud to my kids creates more harmony than you might think. You can read more about my thoughts after finishing the book on my Instagram. One of his quotes I didn't mention there is this one,
"I'm not afraid of failure; I'm afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter." ~ William Carey
I pray that in the midst of my busyness I'll be successful in the things that matter most!

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