Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer break is finally here!

 It's been a slow start to summer break for us, although there seems to be nothing else slow moving in our life right now. The school year ran later for Joe this year with snow make up days and professional development days, so we kept right on having school too. These past couple of weeks I went on a full cleaning rampage, like a crazy momma. The kids and I moved every piece of furniture, shampooed carpets, organized every closet and storage bin, trashed or donated 90% of all the toys and unused stuff we were housing. We easily detoxed hundreds of pounds of clothes and shoes, broken, unused things and just accumulated stuff we'd been hanging onto for years. I detox and clean out about 3 or 4 times a year, it was only 4 months ago that we hauled off an entire van full of things to Goodwill, but it's never enough or lasts long in our family of 8.

Joe and I worked on house projects and we are putting our house up for sale! It feels so good to be free of clutter and excess, now if we can just keep the clothes hung in closets and folded neatly in drawers and everything in it's place. Not having school incredibly helps with my time to clean house and keep up with laundry. I didn't realize how many hours a day we were in school until we're out, it feels good to have a break.
We finished out another soccer season. Brady rocked his first year of soccer, we have never had a 4 year old play soccer and run after the ball as much as he did. Trust me, he still chased his team mates or played in the net at times but he really enjoyed playing and looked forward to every game, not just the snacks. First year soccer is always super cute!
Jenna and Brady were on the same team. Jenna also likes playing soccer and she scored several goals this season. She worked hard and made us proud.
 Anne was pretty easy on the sidelines, she was great at sitting under our umbrella and clapping for her siblings. She is very independent and knows what she wants but she is also obedient and minds well. I don't think I've ever had such a confident, can-do-it-myself child that isn't trying to test everything we say or defiant. She is 3 and can definitely get herself into some trouble for making messes for being a 3 year old but she is very sweet.
Joseph opted not to play soccer, same as last year. He prefers basketball. I think he regretted his decision a little bit, though he never complained. This was the last game of the season and it was miserably hot. We spent 3 hours at the soccer field each Saturday and that week, I was trying to get pictures and Laynee was so hot and tired. Joseph held her and shushed her, he has such a way with her, always has, he can get her to sleep faster and sounder than I can. I had been wrestling with her for some time and asked him to hold her while I got a few last pictures of Bethany's game. He was hot and tired himself, we all were, but he just scooped her up and patted her back and she went right to sleep. This boy is amazing!
Bethany absolutely loves to play soccer, it is her favorite sport to play. After a frustrating first and probably last season of basketball, she was eager and ready to play hard on the soccer field. She gets so much enjoyment out of being defensive and is a fighter on the field. Joe and I both are so proud of her and like watching her be tough on the field.
Brady was super excited about his trophy and slept with it the first night after bringing it home!
Monkey gave us a scare, in the middle of my insane cleaning frenzy we realized he was missing. At first, we thought he'd been left in the van or at Mamma's house but when he didn't turn up after of a few days I realized he was really gone! After looking in all the places he normally was and not finding him I was sick, seriously, I was so upset I was grouchy. Anne was okay, because she thought he was at Mamma's but I knew he wasn't. I couldn't sleep, I searched for his replacement on ebay, I bought it.
I was so happy when we found him, he was tucked between the dryer and the wall in the laundry room. Brady and Anne had played house in there and left him. New Monkey came a few days after Monkey was found but looked nothing like Monkey. New Monkey hadn't ever swam in the washer, his head didn't flop over to one side and his softer brown fabric wasn't worn just right. Anne gave him to Brady. When we found Monkey she was sooo happy.
The entire time Monkey was missing Anne slept terrible at night. She was restless, up and down, raiding the fridge, sleeping in the hallway, eating Popsicles in the bathroom and not sleeping like her normal self.
After we found Monkey, she ate supper and then fell asleep on the couch with Monkey clutched in her arms. It suddenly all made sense. I love this girl and her Monkey so much, he can't ever leave us.

This morning I had an iron infusion. I've been feeling more and more exhausted over the past 3 months. I finally made a trip to the doctor and sure enough my iron was very low, as well as my thyroid levels. My two familiar enemies. I can't wait to get things back on track again, this roller coaster of chronic fatigue issues sure gets old. I'm so grateful for a 4 hour iron infusion, a husband who sits with me in an uncomfortable chair, in an uncomfortable room and keeps me company and makes me laugh!

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