Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet summertime gratitude

We vacationed in Gatlinburg last week, pictures and post coming soon about that. It was Joe's first full week of summer vacation, things have been go, go, go and today was the first day we didn't have anything to do. We slept in, stayed home and had a leisure day, it was wonderful!
I think it was Jenna that lobbied for a backyard kickball game tonight. I saw them playing and had to go watch and take some pictures of them having fun with Joe in this glorious summer's eve light.
Thankful for such sweet mercies tonight...
Anne trying to whistle with a blade of grass.
Chubby little fingers picking me tiny little weeds.
 Tight squeezes and cheesy smiles.
Healthy children kicking balls and climbing on monkey bars.
Hearing kids yelling, playful competitiveness and seeing this little red head.
 Beautiful smiles.
Goofy kids, getting along.
 A peaceful baby, so patient with all of us and grateful for all the love and attention she gets.
 For this man that love us well.
So grateful, my heart might burst.
Thank you Lord for summertime, for my family, for this day, for unexpected provisions that just fell like manna from heaven today, for all the ways you work in our lives. We love you!

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