Saturday, August 8, 2015

Birthday girl and birthday cake

She's one year old today! Last August 8th, after a 3 day marathon birth, she came into the world beautiful pink with chubby cheeks, looking like her daddy and brothers, contentment in her big wide eyes, laid back as ever, oozing sweetness and gentleness. More than I could have ever dreamed!
I knew it would whip right past us, this first year of Laynee's life. I've just loved every single moment of it, what a precious gift we were given with this girl. Oh. my. stars. She has been nothing but incredible and an undeserved blessing from heaven.
There is so much we have to learn about her and who she will become. We named her Laynee because we loved the name and it means, "light". We pray that she will shine the Light of the world, Jesus. It also means "bright one or heaven sky", she has definitely brightened our family! We call her LayneeK, LayneeBoo and my mom likes calling her Little Katsy, after her greatgrandma, whom she is named after. I affectionately call her, Stink. I'm not sure why, she is the best smelling baby we've ever had, she rarely gets a bath because she just doesn't need one.
I sewed this little pillowcase dress for her first birthday, it was kinda an accident. Bethany was wanting a sewing project and I suggested she make a pillowcase dress for Laynee. I ended up making it, but I'm so glad it got me to sit at the sewing machine again.
Joe's mawmaw passed away last March and this pillowcase was something I picked out of her things. I have a weakness for vintage pillowcases, this time I'm glad I do. I used her pillowcase and sewing notions that my grandma had given to me several years ago, so all of the dress came from sentiments of both her greatgrandmas.
I didn't even realize until I was sewing the dress that the pillowcase had been stitched up by Mawmaw, some machine stitches and some hand stitches. So special and just like her and my grandma both to really make something last and save things that today's generation of people, including myself, would discard and replace. I have no doubt they would both be happy to see Laynee in this special little dress. It has made me very happy seeing her wearing it.
I love this girl! She is crawling everywhere and climbing stairs when we have our backs turned. I don't think she'll be walking very soon, but everyday she is discovering that she can actually move around and get places.
She loves music and when we sing to her, there is a super cute video to prove this on my IG. She tries to sing along whenever there is music and bounces.
I'm not sure if I talked about this on the blog, but she smells things. Especially when she is sleepy she smells our clothes and definitely her blanket when we put her to bed. I thought is was crazy when I realized she was doing this several months ago.
As usual, I went a bit overboard posting pictures. I can't stop myself! Her little face is so sweet, this is my way of coping with the fact that she is one.
One year old birthday pictures are my favorite and give me so much joy. Especially, the smash cake! Watching her eat it was too much fun. I like to get the moment captured well by having a pre-party cake eating celebration.
There was no hesitation getting to the cake, I almost missed it.
 There was no smiling for the camera, she was serious about eating cake and wouldn't stop stuffing her face.
She did pause long enough to take her headband off but still no smiles. I have no idea where she learned to eat like this?!
 She may have a future is competitive eating. This little 15 second video on IG is exactly what she did for 15 minutes.
And then, it was gone and she got a bath because even though she didn't stink, she needed one. I can't wait to watch her have fun at her party today eating more cake!
Happy first birthday sweet girl! We all sure do love you something crazy. I'm so thankful God gave us you and pray that you will always keep your contented spirit and keep growing to be who God deisgned you to be! xoxox ~ Mommy

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