Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting back into the swing of things

Oh, August. I'm trying to like you, I really, really am. This whole going back to school stuff is needed and necessary, and I'll admit rewarding but it's so much to cram into 24 hours! My days are full, packed full, and I'm tired.
We are doing it though and even in the moments of noisy distractions, {ahem, Brady and Anne}and fast messes{ahem, Brady and Anne}, there is so much joy.

These kids are keeping me on my toes, tired toes. 6 kids calling for me at once, it can be a little crazy, make me crazy. Equations, finding complete predicates and simple subjects, reading 101, someones hungry, someones coloring the walls, someones half way up the stairs... The first week of school my new planner arrived and it said exactly what I needed to hear. Keeping this advice in my mind and writing out priorities and goals has helped me. At supper time, when supper isn't ready and the house looks like a state of emergency, I have to keep reminding myself to first breathe and second, of all the things we did accomplish. We are accomplishing so much and working hard. Just because house work is behind, doesn't mean I didn't teach 3 kids, 8 subjects, feed 6 kids 2 meals, save Brady's life probably more than once, pay some bills, rewash the laundry from yesterday, settle some serious arguments and keep us from killing each other and maybe if I'm lucky take a shower.
"This is a big reason why we as moms end up spending all our time putting out fires. We don't deal with the underlying causes of those interruptions. And we don't give each child a time he or she can count on our availability. The most demanding child or issue typically takes precedence. Prioritizing will help you faithfully distributor time according to God's intentions in the mist of multiple goals. Once you determine the character and academic goals for each child, then determine whether or not a certain child's goals need to take priority over the others. Often we allocate our time to the oldest by default when it is actually our youngest children who need the most emotional and academic support from us."-- Debra Bell
These days have been long. A few of them we have wrapped up school at 5:30 and I had no clue what we were going to eat supper, let alone where to find my kitchen countertops. A few of them we were finished by 11:00 because we started the night before and at 7:00 that morning, so that we could get out of the house for a 2:00 house showing or I could drive to Cincinnati for a 4:00 wedding.
One day this week, the morning was perfect, I kicked Brady and Anne outside on the deck with their table, chairs and kitchen. I loaded them up with snacks and opened the windows so I could hear them from inside. It was just a great morning of productive school work and happy toddlers.
The kids found this tiny little frog outside. It was super neat to see. Joseph put it in a babyfood jar but it jumped for it's life and we couldn't find it as soon as I took this picture.
One evening, Joseph and Brady decided they were going to have a football game in the backyard. Joseph got it all set up with cones and seats on the sidelines. Brady is a fast little stinker, but he kept running out of bounds. It was really cute to watch. Brady is the ham that ask for his picture to be taken and poses.
The girls were playing with their babies, Anne sat down and "nursed" hers. When I asked her why, she said, "Because I couldn't find her cup." So cute.
Joseph called me into their room one morning, because he noticed that Brady had color sorted his cars. I can't take any credit for giving him this idea. His little brain amazes me all the time, he is creative and loves to learn. He wrote a "calendar list" he called it. It was a piece of paper that he wrote squares across and it did look like a calender. I am so busy with the older kids that I don't teach my littles things like this that I taught my older ones until they are in school but he picks it up anyway. His persistence in asking me to teach him things really pays off. I have been trying to be more intentional with Him and Anne because he really loves to learn and so does she.
These are a few pictures of LayneeBoo's birthday. I didn't take many pictures that day, that's why I took so many prior because I get too busy during the actual party.
She had a great party with all our family. She didn't like her cake very much, because it was chocolate, I think, but was happy making a mess.
I tried to make cake pops for her birthday party and they were a complete waste of time and money so I ended up paying Sam's to make some cupcakes.
Her one year well visit was a reminder that she hasn't had a single sick visit all year, no antibiotics. I am so grateful and it's a complete praise to God. She hasn't had even a bad cold! She weighs 18 lbs. 13 oz and was 29in. 50% and 25%. I have to write it here because I don't keep up a baby book for her. 
Just last night I was talking with friends about the stomach bug going around and wouldn't you know, Joseph woke us in the middle of night because he was sick and Anne woke up sick this morning. Ugh!
So our Saturday is low key, well, if you count doing extra loads of laundry, Norwex-ing and essential oil-ing everything in sight. Praying it stops with the two of them and a day of rest will have them ready to go again. I'm certainly enjoying the day without schoolwork and having Joe home.

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